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Binding Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool equals (Object other)
int getCode ()
Command getCommand ()
int hashCode ()
Binding new (int code, Command command)
void setCommand (Command command)

Public Attributes

int pCode
Command pCommand

Detailed Description

Describes the binding of a command to an input event on an arbitrary input device.

Member Function Documentation

◆ equals()

bool equals ( Object  other)

Determines if the object is equal to some other.

otherOther object
True if the objects are equal

◆ getCode()

int getCode ( )

Retrieves the Input Code.

the input code

◆ getCommand()

Command getCommand ( )

Retrieves the Command to execute

the command to execute

◆ hashCode()

int hashCode ( )

Retrieves the hash code of this binding.

the has code

◆ new()

Binding new ( int  code,
Command  command 

Creates a new Binding object

codeInput Code
commandCommand to execute

◆ setCommand()

void setCommand ( Command  command)

Sets the Command to execute.

commandCommand to execute

Member Data Documentation

◆ pCode

int pCode

Input Code

◆ pCommand

Command pCommand

Command to execute

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