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CommandScreenshot Class Reference

Command for taking screenshots using a ScreenshotCreator,. More...

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Public Member Functions

ScreenshotCreator getScreenshotCreator ()
 Screenshot creator. More...
CommandScreenshot new (ScreenshotCreator screenshotCreator)
 Create screenshot command. More...
CommandScreenshot new (ScreenshotCreator screenshotCreator, String name, String description)
 Create screenshot command. More...
void start ()
 Start command. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Command
void analog (float value)
String getDescription ()
String getName ()
Command new ()
Command new (String name, String description)
 Create command. More...
void setDescription (String description)
void setName (String name)
void start ()
void stop ()

Detailed Description

Command for taking screenshots using a ScreenshotCreator,.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

ScreenshotCreator getScreenshotCreator ( )

Screenshot creator.

CommandScreenshot new ( ScreenshotCreator  screenshotCreator)

Create screenshot command.

CommandScreenshot new ( ScreenshotCreator  screenshotCreator,
String  name,
String  description 

Create screenshot command.

void start ( )

Start command.

Called if an input key has been pressed.

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