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CActionActorCommand Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void execute (ConversationPlayback playback)
StringID getActorID ()
int getActorIndex ()
String getCommand ()
CActionActorCommand new ()
void setActorID (StringID id)
void setActorIndex (int index)
void setCommand (String command)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConversationAction
void dispose ()
void execute (ConversationPlayback playback)
Array getActionsForSaveID (int saveID)
float getDelay ()
int getSaveIDForActions (Array actions)
int getWaitForActorSpeak ()
ConversationAction new ()
void setDelay (float delay)
void setWaitForActorSpeak (int actor)

Detailed Description

Conversation action sending a command to an actor, more precisely to the player action object assigned to it. The command is a single text string parsed by the conversation script into an array of arguments and then send to the player action. The format of the command depends on the type of the player action the actor is using at the time of the command being send. If the command is not understood or improperly formatted the player action does nothing. Thus it is important to ensure make sure this action is used in the proper situation.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ execute()

void execute ( ConversationPlayback  playback)

Execute the action.

§ getActorID()

StringID getActorID ( )

Retrieves the actor ID or null if not set.

§ getActorIndex()

int getActorIndex ( )

Retrieves the actor index or -1 if not set.

§ getCommand()

String getCommand ( )

Retrieves the command to send.

§ new()

Create a new conversation action.

§ setActorID()

void setActorID ( StringID  id)

Sets the actor ID or null if not set.

§ setActorIndex()

void setActorIndex ( int  index)

Sets the actor index or -1 if not set.

§ setCommand()

void setCommand ( String  command)

Sets the command to send.

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