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ConversationAction Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ConversationAction:
CActionActorAdd CActionActorCommand CActionActorRemove CActionActorSpeak CActionCameraShot CActionCoordSystemAdd CActionCoordSystemRemove CActionGameCommand CActionIfElse CActionPlayerChoice CActionSetActorParameter CActionSetVariable CActionSnippet CActionStopConversation CActionStopTopic CActionTrigger CActionWait

Public Member Functions

void dispose ()
void execute (ConversationPlayback playback)
Array getActionsForSaveID (int saveID)
float getDelay ()
int getSaveIDForActions (Array actions)
int getWaitForActorSpeak ()
ConversationAction new ()
void setDelay (float delay)
void setWaitForActorSpeak (int actor)

Detailed Description

Base class for conversation actions.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ dispose()

void dispose ( )

Dispose of the action.

§ execute()

void execute ( ConversationPlayback  playback)

Execute the action.

§ getActionsForSaveID()

Array getActionsForSaveID ( int  saveID)

For loading retrieves the actions array matching a given unique number or null if not found.

§ getDelay()

float getDelay ( )

Retrieves the delay in seconds before processing this action.

§ getSaveIDForActions()

int getSaveIDForActions ( Array  actions)

For saving determines a unique number to identify the given actions array with or -1 if not found.

§ getWaitForActorSpeak()

int getWaitForActorSpeak ( )

Retrieves the actor to wait speaking for or -1 for no wait.

§ new()

Create a new conversation action.

§ setDelay()

void setDelay ( float  delay)

Sets the delay in seconds before processing this action.

§ setWaitForActorSpeak()

void setWaitForActorSpeak ( int  actor)

Sets the actor to wait speaking for or -1 for no wait.

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