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ConversationGesturePlayback Class Reference
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class  Gesture

Public Member Functions

void addGesture (StringID animatorID, ConversationStrip strip)
AnimatorInstance getAnimatorInstance ()
float getElapsed ()
Gesture getGestureAt (int position)
int getGestureCount ()
int getPosition ()
bool getRunning ()
void initNextGesture (ConversationActor actor)
ConversationGesturePlayback new ()
void onFinished ()
void readFromFile (ConversationPlayback playback, FileReader reader)
void removeAllGestures ()
void update (ConversationActor actor, AnimatorInstance poseAnimatorInstance, float elapsed)
void writeToFile (FileWriter writer)

Detailed Description

Conversation gesture playback.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ addGesture()

void addGesture ( StringID  animatorID,
ConversationStrip  strip 

Adds a gesture.

§ getAnimatorInstance()

AnimatorInstance getAnimatorInstance ( )

Retrieves the animator instance.

§ getElapsed()

float getElapsed ( )

Retrieves the elapsed time.

§ getGestureAt()

Gesture getGestureAt ( int  position)

Retrieves a gesture by position.

§ getGestureCount()

int getGestureCount ( )

Retrieves the number of gestures.

§ getPosition()

int getPosition ( )

Retrieves the playback position.

§ getRunning()

bool getRunning ( )

Determines if playback is running.

§ initNextGesture()

void initNextGesture ( ConversationActor  actor)

Init next gesture to play.

§ new()

Creates a new gesture playback.

§ onFinished()

void onFinished ( )

Finished playing back the gestures. Hook for subclasses.

§ readFromFile()

void readFromFile ( ConversationPlayback  playback,
FileReader  reader 

Reads the element from a file.

§ removeAllGestures()

void removeAllGestures ( )

Remove all gestures.

§ update()

void update ( ConversationActor  actor,
AnimatorInstance  poseAnimatorInstance,
float  elapsed 

Updates the playback.

§ writeToFile()

void writeToFile ( FileWriter  writer)

Writes the element to a file.

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