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DefaultListElementRenderer Class Reference

Default implementation of ListElementRenderer using Label. More...

Inheritance diagram for DefaultListElementRenderer:

Public Member Functions

Widget createRenderer (ListBox listBox)
 Create renderer. More...
Point getDefaultSize (ListBox listBox)
 Default size of list element. More...
DefaultListElementRenderer new ()
 Create default list element renderer. More...
void updateRenderer (ListBox listBox, Widget renderer, Object element, bool selected, bool focused)
 Update renderer with object state. More...

Detailed Description

Default implementation of ListElementRenderer using Label.

Text is set to Object.toString().

Member Function Documentation

§ createRenderer()

Widget createRenderer ( ListBox  listBox)

Create renderer.

Implements ListElementRenderer.

§ getDefaultSize()

Point getDefaultSize ( ListBox  listBox)

Default size of list element.

Implements ListElementRenderer.

§ new()

Create default list element renderer.

§ updateRenderer()

void updateRenderer ( ListBox  listBox,
Widget  renderer,
Object  element,
bool  selected,
bool  focused 

Update renderer with object state.

Implements ListElementRenderer.

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