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DefaultKeyListener Class Reference

Default implementation of KeyListener. More...

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Public Member Functions

DefaultKeyListener new ()
 Create default key listener. More...
void onKeyPress (KeyEvent event)
 Keyboard key has been pressed. More...
void onKeyRelease (KeyEvent event)
 Keyboard key has been released. More...
void onKeyType (KeyEvent event)
 Keyboard key has been typed. More...

Detailed Description

Default implementation of KeyListener.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ new()

Create default key listener.

§ onKeyPress()

void onKeyPress ( KeyEvent  event)

Keyboard key has been pressed.

Implements KeyListener.

§ onKeyRelease()

void onKeyRelease ( KeyEvent  event)

Keyboard key has been released.

Implements KeyListener.

§ onKeyType()

void onKeyType ( KeyEvent  event)

Keyboard key has been typed.

This happens if a key is pressed and released. If the key is not a displayble character or the typed character is not complete no type event is send.

Implements KeyListener.

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