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WorldRenderer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

Vector backProject (Point position)
 Back project position into 3d world. More...
Camera getCamera ()
WorldRenderer new ()
WorldRenderer new (int x, int y, int width, int height)
void onResize (WidgetEvent event)
 Size changed. More...
Point project (DVector position)
 Project point from 3d world. More...
void setCamera (Camera camera)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
void addDragListener (DragListener listener)
void addFocusListener (FocusListener listener)
 Add focus listener. More...
void addKeyListener (KeyListener listener)
void addMouseListener (MouseListener listener)
void addStateChangeListener (StateChangeListener listener)
 Add state change listener. More...
void addWidgetListener (WidgetListener listener)
 Add widget listener. More...
bool canGrabFullFocus ()
void captureMouse ()
void dispose ()
Widget findFocusableWidget ()
Widget findLastFocusableWidget ()
CanvasCreator getBackgroundCanvasCreator ()
 Background canvas creator or null to use background color. More...
Color getBackgroundColor ()
Border getBorder ()
BorderSize getBorderSize ()
RectArea getBoundary ()
 Rectangulare boundary of the widget. More...
RectArea getBoundaryWithBorder ()
 Rectangulare boundary of the widget including border. More...
bool getCanFocus ()
CanvasView getCanvasBackground ()
CanvasView getCanvasContent ()
CanvasView getCanvasWidget ()
ColorMatrix getColorTransformation ()
 Color transformation. More...
Desktop getDesktop ()
Point getDesktopPosition ()
 Widget position in desktop coordinates. More...
bool getEnabled ()
MousePointer getFirstMousePointer ()
Font getFont ()
Color getForegroundColor ()
GuiTheme getGuiTheme ()
bool getHasFocus ()
int getHeight ()
 Height of widget. More...
RangeModel getHorizontalRangeModel ()
 Horizontal range model for viewports to synchronize the horizontal scrollbar. More...
Point getMinimumSize ()
Point getMinimumSizeForHeight (int height)
 Minimum size of widget using reference widget height and variable width. More...
Point getMinimumSizeForHeightWithBorder (int height)
 Minimum size of widget with border using reference widget height and variable width. More...
Point getMinimumSizeForWidth (int width)
 Minimum size of widget using reference widget width and variable height. More...
Point getMinimumSizeForWidthWithBorder (int width)
 Minimum size of widget with border using reference widget width and variable height. More...
Point getMinimumSizeWithBorder ()
MousePointer getMousePointer ()
Container getParent ()
Point getPosition ()
 Position of the widget. More...
Point getRelativePosition (Container parent)
 Widget position in parent widget coordinates. More...
Point getScreenPosition ()
 Widget position in screen coordinates. More...
RectArea getScreenRectArea ()
Point getSetMinimumSize ()
Point getSize ()
 Size of the widget. More...
float getTotalTransparency ()
TexMatrix2 getTransformation ()
float getTransparency ()
RangeModel getVerticalRangeModel ()
 Vertical range model for viewports to synchronize the vertical scrollbar. More...
bool getVisible ()
Widget getWidgetAt (Point position)
 Widget at coordinates or null if not found. More...
int getWidth ()
 Width of widget. More...
Window getWindow ()
Point getWindowPosition ()
 Widget position in window coordinates. More...
int getX ()
 X position of widget. More...
int getY ()
 Y position of widget. More...
void grabFocus ()
bool hasParent (Container container)
bool isBackgroundColorSet ()
bool isFontSet ()
bool isForegroundColorSet ()
bool isGuiThemeSet ()
bool isMinimumSizeSet ()
bool isMouseInside ()
 Mouse is hovering over this widget. More...
bool isPointInside (Point position)
bool isTransformationSet ()
void layoutParent ()
Widget new ()
Widget new (int x, int y, int width, int height)
Widget nextFocusWidget ()
 Find next widget in the focus cycle that can grab the focus. More...
void notifyBorderParametersChanged ()
void onButtonPress (MouseEvent event)
void onButtonRelease (MouseEvent event)
void onDispose (WidgetEvent event)
 Window is disposing. More...
void onDragDrop (DragEvent event)
void onDragEnter (DragEvent event)
void onDragLeave (DragEvent event)
void onDragOver (DragEvent event)
void onFocusLost (FocusEvent event)
 Widget lost focus. More...
void onFocusReceived (FocusEvent event)
 Widget received focus. More...
void onGuiThemeChanged ()
void onHidden (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget has been hidden. More...
void onKeyPress (KeyEvent event)
void onKeyRelease (KeyEvent event)
void onKeyType (KeyEvent event)
void onMouseEnter (MouseEvent event)
void onMouseLeave (MouseEvent event)
void onMouseMove (MouseEvent event)
void onReposition (WidgetEvent event)
 Position changed. More...
void onResize (WidgetEvent event)
 Size changed. More...
void onSetBackgroundColor ()
void onSetFont ()
void onSetForegroundColor ()
void onShown (WidgetEvent event)
 Widget has been shown. More...
void onStateChanged (StateChangeEvent event)
 State changed. More...
Widget prevFocusWidget ()
 Find previous widget in the focus cycle that can grab the focus. More...
void processEvent (Event event)
void releaseMouse ()
void removeDragListener (DragListener listener)
void removeFocusListener (FocusListener listener)
 Remove focus listener. More...
void removeKeyListener (KeyListener listener)
void removeMouseListener (MouseListener listener)
void removeStateChangeListener (StateChangeListener listener)
 Remove state change listener. More...
void removeWidgetListener (WidgetListener listener)
 Remove widget listener. More...
void requestGrabFocus (Widget widget)
void sendEvent (Event event)
void sendEventToListeners (Event event, bool sendToParent)
 Send event to all appropriate listeners for events of its kind. More...
void setBackgroundCanvasCreator (CanvasCreator creator)
 Set background canvas creator or null to use background color. More...
void setBackgroundColor (Color color)
void setBorder (Border border)
void setCanFocus (bool canFocus)
void setColorTransformation (ColorMatrix transformation)
 Set color transformation. More...
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
void setFont (Font font)
void setForegroundColor (Color color)
void setGuiTheme (GuiTheme theme)
void setHasFocus (bool hasFocus)
void setHeight (int height)
 Set height of widget. More...
void setMinimumSize (Point size)
void setMousePointer (MousePointer mousePointer)
void setParent (Container parent)
void setPosition (Point position)
 Set position of widget. More...
void setSize (Point size)
 Set size of widget. More...
void setTransformation (TexMatrix2 transformation)
void setTransparency (float transparency)
void setVisible (bool visible)
void setWidth (int width)
 Set width of widget. More...
void setX (int x)
 Set X position of widget. More...
void setY (int y)
 Set Y Position of widget. More...
void stopRepeatEventTimer ()
void updateCanvasBackground ()
 Update background canvas content. More...

Detailed Description

A widget able of rendering a world using a user defined camera.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ backProject()

Vector backProject ( Point  position)

Back project position into 3d world.

§ getCamera()

Camera getCamera ( )


§ new() [1/2]

WorldRenderer new ( )

Creates a new world renderer.

§ new() [2/2]

WorldRenderer new ( int  x,
int  y,
int  width,
int  height 

Creates a new world renderer.

§ onResize()

void onResize ( WidgetEvent  event)

Size changed.

§ project()

Point project ( DVector  position)

Project point from 3d world.

§ setCamera()

void setCamera ( Camera  camera)

Set camera.

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