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LoadBorder Class Reference

Load borders from xml files. More...

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Public Member Functions

LoadCanvasCreator getCanvasCreatorLoader ()
 Canvas creator loader. More...
BorderFactories getFactories ()
 Factories. More...
BorderFactory loadFromFile (String filename)
 Load border from xml file. More...
LoadBorder new (Console console)
 Create loader. More...
LoadBorder new (Console console, String name)
 Create loader. More...
BorderFactory parseBorder (EasyXMLElement root)
 Parse border tag. More...
Object parseParameter (EasyXMLElement element)
 Parse border parameter. More...
void setCanvasCreatorLoader (LoadCanvasCreator loader)
 Set canvas creator loader. More...
void setFactories (BorderFactories factories)
 Set factories. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseXmlLoader
Console getConsole ()
String getName ()
int hexToInt (byte hex)
void logDeprecated (EasyXMLElement tag, String whatIsDeprecated)
void logDeprecated (EasyXMLElement tag, String whatIsDeprecated, String useWhatInstead)
void logDeprecatedTag (EasyXMLElement tag)
void logDuplicateObject (EasyXMLElement tag, String object, String identifier)
 Output error message duplicate object on the application console. More...
void logIncompatibleAttributes (EasyXMLElement tag, String attributeNames)
void logInvalidAttributeValue (EasyXMLElement tag, String attribute, String value)
void logInvalidEmptyString (EasyXMLElement tag)
void logInvalidValue (EasyXMLElement tag, String value)
void logLoadFileFailed (EasyXMLElement tag, String filename)
void logLoadingFailed (String filename)
 Log loading file failed with error log. More...
void logLoadingFromFile (String filename)
void logMissingAttribute (EasyXMLElement tag, String attrName)
void logMissingCData (EasyXMLElement tag)
void logMissingTag (String tagName)
void logNotSupported (EasyXMLElement tag, String whatIsNotSupported)
void logObjectExists (EasyXMLElement tag, String object, String value)
 Output error message value exists already on the application console. More...
void logParsingFailed (String errorLog)
void logUnknownTag (EasyXMLElement tag)
BaseXmlLoader new (Console console, String name)
void printOnConsole (String message)
void printOnConsole (EasyXMLElement tag, String errorMessage)
BorderSize readBorderSize (EasyXMLElement root)
 Read border size area. More...
String readCData (EasyXMLElement tag)
bool readCDataBool (EasyXMLElement tag)
float readCDataFloat (EasyXMLElement tag)
int readCDataHex (EasyXMLElement tag)
int readCDataInt (EasyXMLElement tag)
Color readColor (EasyXMLElement root)
Color readColor (EasyXMLElement root, Color defaultColor)
ColorMatrix readColorMatrix (EasyXMLElement root)
 Read color matrix. More...
CurveBezier readCurveBezier (EasyXMLElement root)
void readCurveBezierPoint (EasyXMLElement root, CurveBezier curve)
DVector readDVector (EasyXMLElement root)
FloatRectArea readFloatRectArea (EasyXMLElement root)
 Read floating point rectangular area. More...
Font readFont (EasyXMLElement root)
Point readPoint (EasyXMLElement root)
RectArea readRectArea (EasyXMLElement root)
 Read rectangular area. More...
Vector readVector (EasyXMLElement root)
Vector2 readVector2 (EasyXMLElement root)
Vector2 readVector2UV (EasyXMLElement root)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from BaseXmlLoader
Console pConsole
 Console to print messages to. More...
String pName
 Name of the loader object for error reporting. More...

Detailed Description

Load borders from xml files.

Member Function Documentation

§ getCanvasCreatorLoader()

LoadCanvasCreator getCanvasCreatorLoader ( )

Canvas creator loader.

§ getFactories()

BorderFactories getFactories ( )


§ loadFromFile()

BorderFactory loadFromFile ( String  filename)

Load border from xml file.

Factory to create instance of the customized border.

§ new() [1/2]

LoadBorder new ( Console  console)

Create loader.

§ new() [2/2]

LoadBorder new ( Console  console,
String  name 

Create loader.

§ parseBorder()

BorderFactory parseBorder ( EasyXMLElement  root)

Parse border tag.

This is public to be used by LoadGuiTheme.

Factory to create instance of the customized border.

§ parseParameter()

Object parseParameter ( EasyXMLElement  element)

Parse border parameter.

Overwrite in subclass to extend the supported parameter types.

§ setCanvasCreatorLoader()

void setCanvasCreatorLoader ( LoadCanvasCreator  loader)

Set canvas creator loader.

§ setFactories()

void setFactories ( BorderFactories  factories)

Set factories.

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