Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
StubGameWorld Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void addElement (StubElement element)
void addElementClassesTo (PreloadManager preloadManager)
void addNavigationSpace (NavigationSpace navspace)
void addWorldDecal (StubWorldDecal worldDecal)
void beginPreloading ()
void createAndAddElements (Console console)
void createWorldDecals (DecalBuilder builder, Console console)
StubElement getElementAt (int index)
int getElementCount ()
GameWorld getGameWorld ()
NavigationSpace getNavigationSpaceAt (int index)
int getNavigationSpaceCount ()
StubWorldDecal getWorldDecalAt (int index)
int getWorldDecalCount ()
bool hasLoadingFinished ()
StubGameWorld new (GameWorld gameWorld)
void preloadElementResources ()
void preloadWorldDecalResources ()
void removeAllElements ()
void removeAllNavigationSpaces ()
void scenarioAddNavigationSpaces ()
bool updatePreloading ()
bool verifyPreloading (Console console)

Detailed Description

Stub for a constructing a game world. Supports preloading resources in the background as well as game world creation. Has hook methods to customize the preloading process where required.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ addElement()

void addElement ( StubElement  element)

Adds a element stub.

§ addElementClassesTo()

void addElementClassesTo ( PreloadManager  preloadManager)

Adds all element classes to the preload manager.

§ addNavigationSpace()

void addNavigationSpace ( NavigationSpace  navspace)

Adds a navigation space.

§ addWorldDecal()

void addWorldDecal ( StubWorldDecal  worldDecal)

Adds a world decal stub.

§ beginPreloading()

void beginPreloading ( )

Begin preloading the resources.

§ createAndAddElements()

void createAndAddElements ( Console  console)

Create elements.

§ createWorldDecals()

void createWorldDecals ( DecalBuilder  builder,
Console  console 

Creates world decals.

§ getElementAt()

StubElement getElementAt ( int  index)

Retrieves the element stub at the given index.

§ getElementCount()

int getElementCount ( )

Retrieves the number of element stubs.

§ getGameWorld()

GameWorld getGameWorld ( )

Retrieves the game world.

§ getNavigationSpaceAt()

NavigationSpace getNavigationSpaceAt ( int  index)

Retrieves the navigation space at the given index.

§ getNavigationSpaceCount()

int getNavigationSpaceCount ( )

Retrieves the number of navigation spaces.

§ getWorldDecalAt()

StubWorldDecal getWorldDecalAt ( int  index)

Retrieves the world decal stub at the given index.

§ getWorldDecalCount()

int getWorldDecalCount ( )

Retrieves the number of world decal stubs.

§ hasLoadingFinished()

bool hasLoadingFinished ( )

Determines if the loading has finished.

§ new()

StubGameWorld new ( GameWorld  gameWorld)

Creates a new stub.

§ preloadElementResources()

void preloadElementResources ( )

Preload element resources.

§ preloadWorldDecalResources()

void preloadWorldDecalResources ( )

Preload world decal resources.

§ removeAllElements()

void removeAllElements ( )

Removes all elements.

§ removeAllNavigationSpaces()

void removeAllNavigationSpaces ( )

Removes all navigation spaces.

§ scenarioAddNavigationSpaces()

void scenarioAddNavigationSpaces ( )

Add navigation spaces to scenario.

§ updatePreloading()

bool updatePreloading ( )

Updates the preloading. Returns false if the preloading has not yet finished. If all resources are loaded the game world and the individual elements are updated and the required engine objects created. Once all this has been done true is returned.

§ verifyPreloading()

bool verifyPreloading ( Console  console)

Verify if a resource failed preloading and print the problems to the console. Returns true if all resources loaded successfully or false otherwise.

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