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Camera Class Reference

Camera. More...

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Public Member Functions

Camera new ()
 Create camera. More...
DVector getPosition ()
 Position. More...
void setPosition (DVector position)
 Set position. More...
Quaternion getOrientation ()
 Orientation. More...
void setOrientation (Quaternion orientation)
 Set orientation. More...
float getFov ()
 Field of view in degrees. More...
void setFov (float fov)
 Set field of view in degrees. More...
float getFovRatio ()
 Field of view aspect ratio. More...
void setFovRatio (float fovRatio)
 Set field of view aspect ratio. More...
float getImageDistance ()
 Distance to image plane in meters. More...
void setImageDistance (float distance)
 Set distance to image plane in meters. More...
float getViewDistance ()
 View distance in meters. More...
void setViewDistance (float distance)
 Set view distance in meters. More...
float getExposure ()
 Exposure. More...
void setExposure (float exposure)
 Set expsoure. More...
float getLowestIntensity ()
 Lowest adaption intensity. More...
void setLowestIntensity (float lowestIntensity)
 Set lowest adaption intensity. More...
float getHighestIntensity ()
 Highest adaption intensity. More...
void setHighestIntensity (float highestIntensity)
 Set highest adaption intensity. More...
float getAdaptionTime ()
 Adaption time in seconds. More...
void setAdaptionTime (float adaptionTime)
 Set adaption time in seconds. More...
LayerMask getLayerMask ()
 Layer mask for visibility masking. More...
void setLayerMask (LayerMask layerMask)
 Set layer mask for visibility masking. More...
Point project (Point viewportSize, DVector position)
 Project point from 3d world. More...
Vector backProject (Point viewportSize, Point position)
 Back project position into 3d world. More...
Vector backProject (int width, int height, int x, int y)
 Back project position into 3d world. More...
int getEffectCount ()
 Number of effects. More...
Effect getEffectAt (int index)
 Effect at index. More...
void addEffect (Effect effect)
 Add effect. More...
void removeEffect (Effect effect)
 Remove effect. More...
void removeAllEffects ()
 Remove all effects. More...

Detailed Description


This is a native class.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ addEffect()

void addEffect ( Effect  effect)

Add effect.

§ backProject() [1/2]

Vector backProject ( Point  viewportSize,
Point  position 

Back project position into 3d world.

§ backProject() [2/2]

Vector backProject ( int  width,
int  height,
int  x,
int  y 

Back project position into 3d world.

§ getAdaptionTime()

float getAdaptionTime ( )

Adaption time in seconds.

§ getEffectAt()

Effect getEffectAt ( int  index)

Effect at index.

EOutOfBoundaryindex is less than 0 or larger than or equal to getEffectCount().

§ getEffectCount()

int getEffectCount ( )

Number of effects.

§ getExposure()

float getExposure ( )


§ getFov()

float getFov ( )

Field of view in degrees.

§ getFovRatio()

float getFovRatio ( )

Field of view aspect ratio.

§ getHighestIntensity()

float getHighestIntensity ( )

Highest adaption intensity.

§ getImageDistance()

float getImageDistance ( )

Distance to image plane in meters.

§ getLayerMask()

LayerMask getLayerMask ( )

Layer mask for visibility masking.

§ getLowestIntensity()

float getLowestIntensity ( )

Lowest adaption intensity.

§ getOrientation()

Quaternion getOrientation ( )


§ getPosition()

DVector getPosition ( )


§ getViewDistance()

float getViewDistance ( )

View distance in meters.

§ new()

Camera new ( )

Create camera.

§ project()

Point project ( Point  viewportSize,
DVector  position 

Project point from 3d world.

§ removeAllEffects()

void removeAllEffects ( )

Remove all effects.

§ removeEffect()

void removeEffect ( Effect  effect)

Remove effect.

§ setAdaptionTime()

void setAdaptionTime ( float  adaptionTime)

Set adaption time in seconds.

§ setExposure()

void setExposure ( float  exposure)

Set expsoure.

§ setFov()

void setFov ( float  fov)

Set field of view in degrees.

§ setFovRatio()

void setFovRatio ( float  fovRatio)

Set field of view aspect ratio.

§ setHighestIntensity()

void setHighestIntensity ( float  highestIntensity)

Set highest adaption intensity.

§ setImageDistance()

void setImageDistance ( float  distance)

Set distance to image plane in meters.

§ setLayerMask()

void setLayerMask ( LayerMask  layerMask)

Set layer mask for visibility masking.

§ setLowestIntensity()

void setLowestIntensity ( float  lowestIntensity)

Set lowest adaption intensity.

§ setOrientation()

void setOrientation ( Quaternion  orientation)

Set orientation.

§ setPosition()

void setPosition ( DVector  position)

Set position.

§ setViewDistance()

void setViewDistance ( float  distance)

Set view distance in meters.

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