Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
ElementVisitor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ElementVisitor:
TriggerArea.TriggerByElement TriggerTarget.TriggerByName CollectElementsVisitor FindClosestVisitor

Public Member Functions

ElementVisitor new ()
void visitElement (Element element)
void visitLight (BaseLight light)
void visitLightPoint (LightPoint light)
void visitLightSpot (LightSpot light)
void visitSimpleElement (SimpleElement element)
void visitTrigger (Trigger trigger)
void visitTriggerArea (TriggerArea trigger)
void visitTriggerCounter (TriggerCounter trigger)
void visitTriggerShout (TriggerShout trigger)
void visitTriggerTarget (TriggerTarget trigger)

Detailed Description

Visits elements.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ new()

ElementVisitor new ( )

Creates a new ElementVisitor.

§ visitElement()

void visitElement ( Element  element)

Visit an element.

§ visitLight()

void visitLight ( BaseLight  light)

Visit a Light.

§ visitLightPoint()

void visitLightPoint ( LightPoint  light)

Visit a point light.

§ visitLightSpot()

void visitLightSpot ( LightSpot  light)

Visit a spot light.

§ visitSimpleElement()

void visitSimpleElement ( SimpleElement  element)

Visit a SimpleElement.

§ visitTrigger()

void visitTrigger ( Trigger  trigger)

Visit a Trigger.

§ visitTriggerArea()

void visitTriggerArea ( TriggerArea  trigger)

Visit a TriggerArea.

§ visitTriggerCounter()

void visitTriggerCounter ( TriggerCounter  trigger)

Visit a TriggerCounter.

§ visitTriggerShout()

void visitTriggerShout ( TriggerShout  trigger)

Visit a TriggerShout.

§ visitTriggerTarget()

void visitTriggerTarget ( TriggerTarget  trigger)

Visit a TriggerTarget.

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