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TriggerShout Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TriggerShout:
Trigger Element

Public Member Functions

void fire ()
String getMessage ()
void init (StubElement stub)
TriggerShout new (TriggerShoutClass eclass)
void readFromFile (FileReader reader)
void setMessage (String message)
void visit (ElementVisitor visitor)
void writeToFile (FileWriter writer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Trigger
void fire ()
 Fire trigger. More...
void fullReset ()
 Full reset trigger. More...
bool getFired ()
bool getHasFired ()
StringID getName ()
void init (StubElement stub)
Trigger new (ElementClass eclass)
void readFromFile (FileReader reader)
void reset ()
 Reset trigger. More...
void setFired (bool fired)
void setHasFired (bool hasFired)
void setName (StringID name)
void visit (ElementVisitor visitor)
void writeToFile (FileWriter writer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Element
void addToGameWorld ()
void dispose ()
ElementClass getClass ()
DMatrix getElementMatrix ()
 Matrix to transform from element space into world space. More...
GameWorld getGameWorld ()
UniqueID getID ()
DMatrix getInverseElementMatrix ()
 Matrix to transform from world space into element space. More...
Quaternion getOrientation ()
Element getParent ()
DVector getPosition ()
bool getTouchable ()
bool getVisible ()
void init (StubElement stub)
bool isChildOf (Element parent)
bool isMyselfOrChildOf (Element parent)
Element new (ElementClass elementClass)
void onSetGameWorld ()
void onSetGeometry ()
void onSetOrientation ()
void onSetParent ()
void onSetPosition ()
void onSetTouchable ()
void onSetVisible ()
void postLoadInit ()
void postThink (float elapsed)
void readFromFile (FileReader reader)
void removeFromGameWorld ()
void removeFromGameWorldIfPresent ()
 Remove element from game world if present. More...
void setGameWorld (GameWorld gameWorld)
void setGeometry (DVector position, Quaternion orientation)
void setID (UniqueID id)
void setOrientation (Quaternion orientation)
void setParent (Element parent)
void setPosition (DVector position)
void setTouchable (bool touchable)
void setVisible (bool visible)
void think (float elapsed)
String toString ()
void visit (ElementVisitor visitor)
void writeToFile (FileWriter writer)

Detailed Description

Trigger that shouts a message to the console if fired

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ fire()

void fire ( )

Shout message to console.

§ getMessage()

String getMessage ( )

Retrieves the message to shout to the console.

§ init()

void init ( StubElement  stub)

Initialize the element from a stub.

§ new()

Creates a new TriggerShout object.

§ readFromFile()

void readFromFile ( FileReader  reader)

Reads the element from a file writer.

§ setMessage()

void setMessage ( String  message)

Sets the message to shout to the console.

§ visit()

void visit ( ElementVisitor  visitor)

Visit this trigger.

§ writeToFile()

void writeToFile ( FileWriter  writer)

Writes the element to a file writer.

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