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BoxArea Class Reference

Immutable box area. More...

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Public Member Functions

bool containsPoint (DVector point)
Vector getHalfExtends ()
Quaternion getOrientation ()
DVector getPosition ()
BoxArea new (DVector position, Vector halfExtends)
BoxArea new (DVector position, Vector halfExtends, Quaternion orientation)

Detailed Description

Immutable box area.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ containsPoint()

bool containsPoint ( DVector  point)

Determines if the box contains a point.

§ getHalfExtends()

Vector getHalfExtends ( )

Retrieves the half extends.

§ getOrientation()

Quaternion getOrientation ( )

Retrieves the orientation.

§ getPosition()

DVector getPosition ( )

Retrieves the position.

§ new() [1/2]

BoxArea new ( DVector  position,
Vector  halfExtends 

Creates a new box area.

§ new() [2/2]

BoxArea new ( DVector  position,
Vector  halfExtends,
Quaternion  orientation 

Creates a new box area.

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