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CollectElementsListener Class Reference

Collect hit elements into an array without duplicates. More...

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Public Member Functions

bool canHitCollider (Collider owner, Collider collider)
 Collider can collide with another collider. More...
void colliderChanged (Collider owner)
 Collider changed not used. More...
void collisionResponse (Collider owner, CollisionInfo info)
 Collision response. More...
Array getList ()
CollectElementsListener new (Array list)
 Create listener. More...
void reset ()

Detailed Description

Collect hit elements into an array without duplicates.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

§ canHitCollider()

bool canHitCollider ( Collider  owner,
Collider  collider 

Collider can collide with another collider.

Implements ColliderListener.

§ colliderChanged()

void colliderChanged ( Collider  owner)

Collider changed not used.

Implements ColliderListener.

§ collisionResponse()

void collisionResponse ( Collider  owner,
CollisionInfo  info 

Collision response.

Implements ColliderListener.

§ getList()

Array getList ( )

Array to add hit elements to.

§ new()

CollectElementsListener new ( Array  list)

Create listener.

§ reset()

void reset ( )

Clear list.

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