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Console Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void addMessage (ConsoleMessage message)
void addNotifier (ConsoleNotifier notifier)
void addSystemMessage (String message)
void clearConsole ()
int getBufferSize ()
ConsoleMessage getMessage (int index)
int getMessageCount ()
Console new (int size)
void removeAllNotifiers ()
void removeNotifier (ConsoleNotifier notifier)

Detailed Description

Console Class. A Console Object is responsible to buffer formatted text that can later on be displayed on a visual.

Member Function Documentation

§ addMessage()

void addMessage ( ConsoleMessage  message)

Adds a message to the console.

messageMessage to add

§ addNotifier()

void addNotifier ( ConsoleNotifier  notifier)

Adds a notifier to the console.

notifierNotifier to add

§ addSystemMessage()

void addSystemMessage ( String  message)

Adds a message to the console. Shortcut to send a system message to the console having the timestamp of 'now'.

messageMessage to send

§ clearConsole()

void clearConsole ( )

Clear all messages from the console.

§ getBufferSize()

int getBufferSize ( )

Retrieves the size of the console buffer.

size of the console buffer

§ getMessage()

ConsoleMessage getMessage ( int  index)

Retrieves a message from the buffer

indexIndex of message
message at index

§ getMessageCount()

int getMessageCount ( )

Retrieves the number of messages in the buffer.

number of messages in the buffer

§ new()

Console new ( int  size)

Creates a new Console array with the given buffer size

sizeSize of the buffer at last 1

§ removeAllNotifiers()

void removeAllNotifiers ( )

Removes all notifiers.

§ removeNotifier()

void removeNotifier ( ConsoleNotifier  notifier)

Removes a notifier from the console.

notifierNotifier to remove

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