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deAINode Class Reference

AI Node Class. More...

#include <deAINode.h>

Inheritance diagram for deAINode:
deObject deAINodeChain deAINodeModifyAnimator deAINodeSendEvent

Public Member Functions

deAINodeGetParentNode () const
void SetParentNode (deAINode *node)
virtual void Visit (deAINodeVisitor *visitor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from deObject
int GetRefCount () const
 Reference count. More...
void AddReference ()
 Add reference increasing reference count by 1. More...
void FreeReference ()
 Decrease reference count by one and delete object if count reaches 0. More...
 deObject ()
 Create object with reference count of 1. More...

Constructors and Destructors

 deAINode ()
virtual ~deAINode ()
 Clean up ai node. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from deObject
virtual ~deObject ()
 Clean up object. More...

Detailed Description

AI Node Class.

Base class for all AI Nodes. Keeps a weak reference to the parent node for modifying the tree. Nodes have to tell their parents if they have been processed or not. This is especially important for nodes with conditions. If they are skipped due to the condition they are considered to not have run. If they execute they are considered to have run.

Pl├╝ss Roland

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deAINode()

deAINode::deAINode ( )

Creates a new ai node.

◆ ~deAINode()

virtual deAINode::~deAINode ( )

Clean up ai node.

Subclasses should set their destructor protected too to avoid users accidently deleting a reference counted object through the object pointer. Only FreeReference() is allowed to delete the object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetParentNode()

deAINode* deAINode::GetParentNode ( ) const

Retrieves the parent node or NULL.

References SetParentNode(), and Visit().

◆ SetParentNode()

void deAINode::SetParentNode ( deAINode node)

Sets the parent node or NULL.

Referenced by GetParentNode().

◆ Visit()

virtual void deAINode::Visit ( deAINodeVisitor visitor)

Visits the rule.

Reimplemented in deAINodeChain, deAINodeSendEvent, and deAINodeModifyAnimator.

Referenced by GetParentNode().

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