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deBaseNetworkConnection Class Reference

Network Pipe Module Connection Peer. More...

#include <deBaseNetworkConnection.h>

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 deBaseNetworkConnection ()
virtual ~deBaseNetworkConnection ()
virtual bool ConnectTo (const char *address)
virtual void Disconnect ()
virtual void SendMessage (const char *message, int length, int maxDelay)
virtual void SendReliableMessage (const char *message, int length)
virtual void LinkState (const char *message, int length, deNetworkState *state)

Detailed Description

Network Pipe Module Connection Peer.

Peer interface for connection objects.

Pl├╝ss Roland

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deBaseNetworkConnection()

deBaseNetworkConnection::deBaseNetworkConnection ( )

Creates a peer.

◆ ~deBaseNetworkConnection()

virtual deBaseNetworkConnection::~deBaseNetworkConnection ( )

Cleans up the peer.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConnectTo()

virtual bool deBaseNetworkConnection::ConnectTo ( const char *  address)

Connects to the a connection object on the host at the given address. Returns true if the connection request has been send or false if an error occured. Connection success or failure is reported through the scripting peer. The format of the address is specific to the network module.

◆ Disconnect()

virtual void deBaseNetworkConnection::Disconnect ( )

Disconnects from a remote connection if connected.

◆ LinkState()

virtual void deBaseNetworkConnection::LinkState ( const char *  message,
int  length,
deNetworkState state 

Links a network state to a remote network state. The message contains informations for the remote system to know what state to link to. The request is queued and carried out as soon as possible. The local state is considered the master state and the remote state the slave state. By default only the master state can apply changes.

◆ SendMessage()

virtual void deBaseNetworkConnection::SendMessage ( const char *  message,
int  length,
int  maxDelay 

Sends a message to the remote connection if connected. The message can be queued and send at a later time to optimize throughput. The message will be not delayed longer than the given amount of milliseconds. The message is send unreliable and it is acceptable for the message to get lost due to transmission failure.

◆ SendReliableMessage()

virtual void deBaseNetworkConnection::SendReliableMessage ( const char *  message,
int  length 

Sens a reliable message to the remote connection if connected. The message is append to already waiting reliable messages and send as soon as possible. Reliable messages always arrive in the same order they have been queued.

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