Drag[en]gine Game Engine  1.0
deBaseScriptingCollider Class Reference

Scripting Module Collider Peer. More...

#include <deBaseScriptingCollider.h>

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 deBaseScriptingCollider ()
 Creates a new peer. More...
virtual ~deBaseScriptingCollider ()
 Cleans up the peer. More...
virtual void CollisionResponse (deCollider *owner, deCollisionInfo *info)
 Determines the response for a given collision. More...
virtual bool CanHitCollider (deCollider *owner, deCollider *collider)
 Determines if a collider can be hit. More...
virtual void ColliderChanged (deCollider *owner)
 The properties of the collider changed. More...
virtual void ColliderConstraintBroke (deCollider *owner, int index, deColliderConstraint *constraint)
 A collider constraint has broken. More...
virtual void RigConstraintBroke (deCollider *owner, int bone, int index, deRigConstraint *constraint)
 A collider rig constraint has broken. More...

Detailed Description

Scripting Module Collider Peer.

Pl├╝ss Roland

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deBaseScriptingCollider()

deBaseScriptingCollider::deBaseScriptingCollider ( )

Creates a new peer.

◆ ~deBaseScriptingCollider()

virtual deBaseScriptingCollider::~deBaseScriptingCollider ( )

Cleans up the peer.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CanHitCollider()

virtual bool deBaseScriptingCollider::CanHitCollider ( deCollider owner,
deCollider collider 

Determines if a collider can be hit.

If owner is NULL a ray collision is tested. Otherwise a collider versus collider collision is tested. If a collision is possible between the ray and a collider or two colliders true has to be returned otherwise false.

◆ ColliderChanged()

virtual void deBaseScriptingCollider::ColliderChanged ( deCollider owner)

The properties of the collider changed.

This is called by the physics module after the collision detection. This can possibly be called multiple times during collision detection.

◆ ColliderConstraintBroke()

virtual void deBaseScriptingCollider::ColliderConstraintBroke ( deCollider owner,
int  index,
deColliderConstraint constraint 

A collider constraint has broken.

◆ CollisionResponse()

virtual void deBaseScriptingCollider::CollisionResponse ( deCollider owner,
deCollisionInfo info 

Determines the response for a given collision.

If deCollider::ertCustom is set the info object has to be updated by the scripting module with the response to the collision. In all other cases the info object should not be modified.

◆ RigConstraintBroke()

virtual void deBaseScriptingCollider::RigConstraintBroke ( deCollider owner,
int  bone,
int  index,
deRigConstraint constraint 

A collider rig constraint has broken.

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