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deBaseVideoInfo Class Reference

Video module video information. More...

#include <deBaseVideoInfo.h>

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 deBaseVideoInfo ()
 Create info. More...
virtual ~deBaseVideoInfo ()
 Clean up info. More...
int GetWidth () const
 Width in pixels. More...
void SetWidth (int width)
 Set width in pixels. More...
int GetHeight () const
 Height in pixels. More...
void SetHeight (int height)
 Set height in pixels. More...
deVideo::ePixelFormat GetPixelFormat () const
 Pixel format. More...
void SetPixelFormat (deVideo::ePixelFormat pixelFormat)
 Set pixel format. More...
int GetFrameCount () const
 Number of frames. More...
void SetFrameCount (int frameCount)
 Set number of frames. More...
int GetFrameRate () const
 Frame rate. More...
void SetFrameRate (int frameRate)
 Set frame rate. More...
const decColorMatrix3GetColorConversionMatrix () const
 Color conversion matrix. More...
void SetColorConversionMatrix (const decColorMatrix3 &matrix)
 Set color conversion matrix. More...

Detailed Description

Video module video information.

Informations for video to load. Can be used by the video module to store additional data structures needed for loading in a subclasses object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deBaseVideoInfo()

deBaseVideoInfo::deBaseVideoInfo ( )

Create info.

◆ ~deBaseVideoInfo()

virtual deBaseVideoInfo::~deBaseVideoInfo ( )

Clean up info.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetColorConversionMatrix()

const decColorMatrix3& deBaseVideoInfo::GetColorConversionMatrix ( ) const

Color conversion matrix.

References SetColorConversionMatrix().

◆ GetFrameCount()

int deBaseVideoInfo::GetFrameCount ( ) const

Number of frames.

References SetFrameCount().

◆ GetFrameRate()

int deBaseVideoInfo::GetFrameRate ( ) const

Frame rate.

References SetFrameRate().

◆ GetHeight()

int deBaseVideoInfo::GetHeight ( ) const

Height in pixels.

References SetHeight().

◆ GetPixelFormat()

deVideo::ePixelFormat deBaseVideoInfo::GetPixelFormat ( ) const

Pixel format.

References SetPixelFormat().

◆ GetWidth()

int deBaseVideoInfo::GetWidth ( ) const

Width in pixels.

References SetWidth().

◆ SetColorConversionMatrix()

void deBaseVideoInfo::SetColorConversionMatrix ( const decColorMatrix3 matrix)

Set color conversion matrix.

Referenced by GetColorConversionMatrix().

◆ SetFrameCount()

void deBaseVideoInfo::SetFrameCount ( int  frameCount)

Set number of frames.

Referenced by GetFrameCount().

◆ SetFrameRate()

void deBaseVideoInfo::SetFrameRate ( int  frameRate)

Set frame rate.

Referenced by GetFrameRate().

◆ SetHeight()

void deBaseVideoInfo::SetHeight ( int  height)

Set height in pixels.

Referenced by GetHeight().

◆ SetPixelFormat()

void deBaseVideoInfo::SetPixelFormat ( deVideo::ePixelFormat  pixelFormat)

Set pixel format.

Referenced by GetPixelFormat().

◆ SetWidth()

void deBaseVideoInfo::SetWidth ( int  width)

Set width in pixels.

Referenced by GetWidth().

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