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deDebugDrawerShape Class Reference

Debug drawer shape. More...

#include <deDebugDrawerShape.h>

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 deDebugDrawerShape ()
 Create debug drawer shape. More...
 ~deDebugDrawerShape ()
 Clean up debug drawer shape. More...
const decVectorGetPosition () const
 Position. More...
void SetPosition (const decVector &position)
 Set position. More...
const decQuaternionGetOrientation () const
 Orientation. More...
void SetOrientation (const decQuaternion &orientation)
 Set orientation. More...
const decVectorGetScale () const
 Scale. More...
void SetScale (const decVector &scale)
 Set scale. More...
const decColorGetEdgeColor () const
 Edge color. More...
void SetEdgeColor (const decColor &color)
 Set edge color. More...
const decColorGetFillColor () const
 Fill color. More...
void SetFillColor (const decColor &color)
 Set fill color. More...
decShapeListGetShapeList ()
 Shape list. More...
const decShapeListGetShapeList () const
Volume Faces
int GetFaceCount () const
 Number of volume faces. More...
deDebugDrawerShapeFaceGetFaceAt (int index) const
 Face at index. More...
void AddFace (deDebugDrawerShapeFace *face)
 Add face. More...
void RemoveAllFaces ()
 Remove all faces. More...

Detailed Description

Debug drawer shape.

Describes the a shape to be drawn. There are a couple of parameters that can be set to define the appearance. The edge and fill color flag determine the color and transparency of the edges and the faces of the shape. By default the edge is set to white fully opaque and the fill is set to white fully transparent. Both shapes and faces can be used at the same time. If none of them are present nothing is drawn.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deDebugDrawerShape()

deDebugDrawerShape::deDebugDrawerShape ( )

Create debug drawer shape.

◆ ~deDebugDrawerShape()

deDebugDrawerShape::~deDebugDrawerShape ( )

Clean up debug drawer shape.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddFace()

void deDebugDrawerShape::AddFace ( deDebugDrawerShapeFace face)

Add face.

Referenced by GetShapeList().

◆ GetEdgeColor()

const decColor& deDebugDrawerShape::GetEdgeColor ( ) const

Edge color.

References SetEdgeColor().

◆ GetFaceAt()

deDebugDrawerShapeFace* deDebugDrawerShape::GetFaceAt ( int  index) const

Face at index.

Referenced by GetShapeList().

◆ GetFaceCount()

int deDebugDrawerShape::GetFaceCount ( ) const

Number of volume faces.

Referenced by GetShapeList().

◆ GetFillColor()

const decColor& deDebugDrawerShape::GetFillColor ( ) const

Fill color.

References SetFillColor().

◆ GetOrientation()

const decQuaternion& deDebugDrawerShape::GetOrientation ( ) const


References SetOrientation().

◆ GetPosition()

const decVector& deDebugDrawerShape::GetPosition ( ) const


References SetPosition().

◆ GetScale()

const decVector& deDebugDrawerShape::GetScale ( ) const


References SetScale().

◆ GetShapeList() [1/2]

decShapeList& deDebugDrawerShape::GetShapeList ( )

Shape list.

◆ GetShapeList() [2/2]

const decShapeList& deDebugDrawerShape::GetShapeList ( ) const

◆ RemoveAllFaces()

void deDebugDrawerShape::RemoveAllFaces ( )

Remove all faces.

Referenced by GetShapeList().

◆ SetEdgeColor()

void deDebugDrawerShape::SetEdgeColor ( const decColor color)

Set edge color.

Referenced by GetEdgeColor().

◆ SetFillColor()

void deDebugDrawerShape::SetFillColor ( const decColor color)

Set fill color.

Referenced by GetFillColor().

◆ SetOrientation()

void deDebugDrawerShape::SetOrientation ( const decQuaternion orientation)

Set orientation.

Referenced by GetOrientation().

◆ SetPosition()

void deDebugDrawerShape::SetPosition ( const decVector position)

Set position.

Referenced by GetPosition().

◆ SetScale()

void deDebugDrawerShape::SetScale ( const decVector scale)

Set scale.

Referenced by GetScale().

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