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deInputDeviceButton Class Reference

Input device button. More...

#include <deInputDeviceButton.h>

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 deInputDeviceButton ()
 Create input device button. More...
 deInputDeviceButton (const deInputDeviceButton &button)
 Create input device button. More...
 ~deInputDeviceButton ()
 Clean up input device button. More...
const decStringGetID () const
 Button identifier. More...
void SetID (const char *id)
 Set identifier. More...
const decStringGetName () const
 Display name. More...
void SetName (const char *name)
 Set Display name. More...
deInputDeviceButtonoperator= (const deInputDeviceButton &button)
 Copy input device button. More...

Detailed Description

Input device button.

Buttons can be anything a user can press. This can be a mouse button, buttons on keypads, keys on keyboards or touch fields on screens. Buttons have a pressed or not pressed state. Pressure sensitive input elements are handled as axes not buttons.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deInputDeviceButton() [1/2]

deInputDeviceButton::deInputDeviceButton ( )

Create input device button.

◆ deInputDeviceButton() [2/2]

deInputDeviceButton::deInputDeviceButton ( const deInputDeviceButton button)

Create input device button.

◆ ~deInputDeviceButton()

deInputDeviceButton::~deInputDeviceButton ( )

Clean up input device button.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetID()

const decString& deInputDeviceButton::GetID ( ) const

Button identifier.

Unique identifier for the button identifying it inside the parent device. The prefix is a normalized string that contains only letters, numbers and underscores. It is suitable to be combined with the device identifier to store them in config files as key bindings.

References SetID().

◆ GetName()

const decString& deInputDeviceButton::GetName ( ) const

Display name.

Dispaly name is human readable like for example 'Button #1'. The name is unique but not guaranteed to stay the same across restarting the input module or game engine.

References operator=(), and SetName().

◆ operator=()

deInputDeviceButton& deInputDeviceButton::operator= ( const deInputDeviceButton button)

Copy input device button.

Referenced by GetName().

◆ SetID()

void deInputDeviceButton::SetID ( const char *  id)

Set identifier.

Referenced by GetID().

◆ SetName()

void deInputDeviceButton::SetName ( const char *  name)

Set Display name.

Referenced by GetName().

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