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deModuleParameter Class Reference

Module Parameter Class. More...

#include <deModuleParameter.h>

Public Types

enum  eParameterTypes { eptBoolean, eptNumeric, eptRanged, eptSelection }

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 deModuleParameter ()
 ~deModuleParameter ()
eParameterTypes GetType () const
void SetType (eParameterTypes type)
const char * GetName () const
void SetName (const char *name)
const char * GetDescription () const
void SetDescription (const char *description)
float GetMinimumValue () const
void SetMinimumValue (float minValue)
float GetMaximumValue () const
void SetMaximumValue (float maxValue)
float GetValueStepSize () const
void SetValueStepSize (float valueStepSize)
void Reset ()
Selection Management
int GetSelectionEntryCount () const
const char * GetSelectionEntryAt (int index) const
void AddSelectionEntry (const char *selectionEntry)
void RemoveAllSelectionEntries ()

Detailed Description

Module Parameter Class.

Contains informations about a module parameter. This informations is designed to help scripters to generate GUI widgets for the parameters matching the type of the parameter to make it easier for the user to set the correct values. The parameter can be of one of the four types boolean, numeric, ranged and selection. A boolean parameter accepts values 0 for false and 1 for true. The numeric parameter accepts all kinds of decimal values. The Ranged parameter accepts only values in a given range spaced by a given step size. The range is mandatory but the step size is optional to be cared about by the parameter user. The selection parameter provides a list of values. The index into this list is the value returned.

Pl├╝ss Roland

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ eParameterTypes


Boolean value.


Numeric value.


Ranged value which has to be inside a given range.


Value from a selection of values.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deModuleParameter()

deModuleParameter::deModuleParameter ( )

Creates a new module parameter.

◆ ~deModuleParameter()

deModuleParameter::~deModuleParameter ( )

Cleans up the module parameter.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddSelectionEntry()

void deModuleParameter::AddSelectionEntry ( const char *  selectionEntry)

Adds a selection entry.

Referenced by GetSelectionEntryCount().

◆ GetDescription()

const char* deModuleParameter::GetDescription ( ) const

Retrieves the description.

References SetDescription().

◆ GetMaximumValue()

float deModuleParameter::GetMaximumValue ( ) const

Retrieves the maximum value.

References SetMaximumValue().

◆ GetMinimumValue()

float deModuleParameter::GetMinimumValue ( ) const

Retrieves the minimum value.

References SetMinimumValue().

◆ GetName()

const char* deModuleParameter::GetName ( ) const

Retrieves the name.

References SetName().

◆ GetSelectionEntryAt()

const char* deModuleParameter::GetSelectionEntryAt ( int  index) const

Retrieves the selection entry at the given index.

Referenced by GetSelectionEntryCount().

◆ GetSelectionEntryCount()

int deModuleParameter::GetSelectionEntryCount ( ) const

Retrieves the number of selection entries.

References AddSelectionEntry(), GetSelectionEntryAt(), and RemoveAllSelectionEntries().

◆ GetType()

eParameterTypes deModuleParameter::GetType ( ) const

Retrieves the type of the parameter.

References SetType().

◆ GetValueStepSize()

float deModuleParameter::GetValueStepSize ( ) const

Retrieves the value step size.

References Reset(), and SetValueStepSize().

◆ RemoveAllSelectionEntries()

void deModuleParameter::RemoveAllSelectionEntries ( )

Removes all selection entries.

Referenced by GetSelectionEntryCount().

◆ Reset()

void deModuleParameter::Reset ( )

Resets the parameter to default values.

Referenced by GetValueStepSize().

◆ SetDescription()

void deModuleParameter::SetDescription ( const char *  description)

Sets the description.

Referenced by GetDescription().

◆ SetMaximumValue()

void deModuleParameter::SetMaximumValue ( float  maxValue)

Sets the maximum value.

Referenced by GetMaximumValue().

◆ SetMinimumValue()

void deModuleParameter::SetMinimumValue ( float  minValue)

Sets the minimum value.

Referenced by GetMinimumValue().

◆ SetName()

void deModuleParameter::SetName ( const char *  name)

Sets the name.

Referenced by GetName().

◆ SetType()

void deModuleParameter::SetType ( eParameterTypes  type)

Sets the type of the parameter.

Referenced by GetType().

◆ SetValueStepSize()

void deModuleParameter::SetValueStepSize ( float  valueStepSize)

Sets the value step size.

Referenced by GetValueStepSize().

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