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dePathList Class Reference

List of path. More...

#include <dePathList.h>

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 dePathList ()
 ~dePathList ()
int GetPathCount () const
decPathGetPathAt (int index) const
int IndexOfPath (decPath &path) const
bool HasPath (decPath &path) const
void AddPath (decPath &path)
void RemovePath (decPath &path)
void RemoveAllPath ()

Detailed Description

List of path.

Manages a list of path.

Pl├╝ss Roland

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ dePathList()

dePathList::dePathList ( )

Creates a new path list.

◆ ~dePathList()

dePathList::~dePathList ( )

Cleans up the path list.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddPath()

void dePathList::AddPath ( decPath path)

Adds a path.

Referenced by GetPathCount().

◆ GetPathAt()

decPath& dePathList::GetPathAt ( int  index) const

Retrieves the path at the given position.

Referenced by GetPathCount().

◆ GetPathCount()

int dePathList::GetPathCount ( ) const

Retrieves the number of path.

References AddPath(), GetPathAt(), HasPath(), IndexOfPath(), RemoveAllPath(), and RemovePath().

◆ HasPath()

bool dePathList::HasPath ( decPath path) const

Determines if a path exists.

Referenced by GetPathCount().

◆ IndexOfPath()

int dePathList::IndexOfPath ( decPath path) const

Retrieves the index of the path or -1 if not found.

Referenced by GetPathCount().

◆ RemoveAllPath()

void dePathList::RemoveAllPath ( )

Removes all path.

Referenced by GetPathCount().

◆ RemovePath()

void dePathList::RemovePath ( decPath path)

Removes a path.

Referenced by GetPathCount().

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