Drag[en]gine Game Engine  1.0
dePropFieldGround Class Reference

Prop Field Ground. More...

#include <dePropFieldGround.h>

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 dePropFieldGround ()
 ~dePropFieldGround ()
void Clear ()
deHeightTerrainGetHeightTerrain () const
void SetHeightTerrain (deHeightTerrain *heightTerrain)
int GetComponentCount () const
deComponentGetComponentAt (int index) const
int IndexOfComponent (deComponent *component) const
bool HasComponent (deComponent *component) const
void AddComponent (deComponent *component)
void RemoveComponent (deComponent *component)
void RemoveAllComponents ()

Detailed Description

Prop Field Ground.

Defines the ground for instances of a prop field to be projected upon. This list contains components as well as the height terrain making up the ground. This list is used by the physics module to project prop field instances onto the ground. This list is designed to be used for a short time to align instances added to a prop field and is afterwards released. components are held by the prop field ground. Since this object is designed to live only for a short time no reference counting is used.

Pl├╝ss Roland

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ dePropFieldGround()

dePropFieldGround::dePropFieldGround ( )

Creates a new prop field ground.

◆ ~dePropFieldGround()

dePropFieldGround::~dePropFieldGround ( )

Cleans up the prop field ground.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddComponent()

void dePropFieldGround::AddComponent ( deComponent component)

Adds a component.

Referenced by GetComponentCount().

◆ Clear()

void dePropFieldGround::Clear ( )

Clears the ground of the height terrain and all terrains and components.

◆ GetComponentAt()

deComponent* dePropFieldGround::GetComponentAt ( int  index) const

Retrieves the component at the given index.

Referenced by GetComponentCount().

◆ GetComponentCount()

int dePropFieldGround::GetComponentCount ( ) const

◆ GetHeightTerrain()

deHeightTerrain* dePropFieldGround::GetHeightTerrain ( ) const

Retrieves the height terrain or NULL if not set.

References SetHeightTerrain().

◆ HasComponent()

bool dePropFieldGround::HasComponent ( deComponent component) const

Determines if the given component exists.

Referenced by GetComponentCount().

◆ IndexOfComponent()

int dePropFieldGround::IndexOfComponent ( deComponent component) const

Retrieves the index of the given component or -1 if not found.

Referenced by GetComponentCount().

◆ RemoveAllComponents()

void dePropFieldGround::RemoveAllComponents ( )

Removes all components.

Referenced by GetComponentCount().

◆ RemoveComponent()

void dePropFieldGround::RemoveComponent ( deComponent component)

Removes a component.

Referenced by GetComponentCount().

◆ SetHeightTerrain()

void dePropFieldGround::SetHeightTerrain ( deHeightTerrain heightTerrain)

Sets the height terrain or NULL if not set.

Referenced by GetHeightTerrain().

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