Drag[en]gine Game Engine  1.0
deRLInternalSkinProperty Class Reference

Skin property visitor loading resources in properties. More...

#include <deRLInternalSkinProperty.h>

Inheritance diagram for deRLInternalSkinProperty:

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 deRLInternalSkinProperty (deResourceLoader &resourceLoader, deResourceLoaderTask *task, deEngine &engine, deVirtualFileSystem *vfs, const char *basePath)
 Create visitor. More...
virtual ~deRLInternalSkinProperty ()
 Clean up visitor. More...
virtual void VisitImage (deSkinPropertyImage *property)
 Visit image property. More...
virtual void VisitVideo (deSkinPropertyVideo *property)
 Visit video property. More...
virtual void VisitConstructed (deSkinPropertyConstructed *property)
 Visit constructed property. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from deSkinPropertyVisitor
 deSkinPropertyVisitor ()
virtual ~deSkinPropertyVisitor ()
virtual void VisitProperty (deSkinProperty *property)
virtual void VisitValue (deSkinPropertyValue *property)
virtual void VisitColor (deSkinPropertyColor *property)

Detailed Description

Skin property visitor loading resources in properties.

For use by deResourceLoader for loading resource inside skins loadinged using asynchronous skin loading.

If a resource is already present loading is skiped. This can be used by deSkinBuilder users to use already loaded resources.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deRLInternalSkinProperty()

deRLInternalSkinProperty::deRLInternalSkinProperty ( deResourceLoader resourceLoader,
deResourceLoaderTask task,
deEngine engine,
deVirtualFileSystem vfs,
const char *  basePath 

Create visitor.

◆ ~deRLInternalSkinProperty()

virtual deRLInternalSkinProperty::~deRLInternalSkinProperty ( )

Clean up visitor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ VisitConstructed()

virtual void deRLInternalSkinProperty::VisitConstructed ( deSkinPropertyConstructed property)

Visit constructed property.

Reimplemented from deSkinPropertyVisitor.

◆ VisitImage()

virtual void deRLInternalSkinProperty::VisitImage ( deSkinPropertyImage property)

Visit image property.

Reimplemented from deSkinPropertyVisitor.

◆ VisitVideo()

virtual void deRLInternalSkinProperty::VisitVideo ( deSkinPropertyVideo property)

Visit video property.

Reimplemented from deSkinPropertyVisitor.

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