Drag[en]gine Game Engine  1.0
deResourceLoaderInfo Class Reference

Resource loader info. More...

#include <deResourceLoaderInfo.h>

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructors
 deResourceLoaderInfo ()
 Create info object. More...
 ~deResourceLoaderInfo ()
 Clean up info object. More...
const decStringGetPath () const
 Path. More...
void SetPath (const char *path)
 Set path. More...
deResourceLoader::eResourceTypes GetResourceType () const
 Resource type. More...
void SetResourceType (deResourceLoader::eResourceTypes resourceType)
 Set resource type. More...
deFileResourceGetResource () const
 Resource or NULL if not ready yet. More...
void SetResource (deFileResource *resource)
 Set resource or NULL if not ready yet. More...

Detailed Description

Resource loader info.

Info structure used query finished task details. Stores the path, resource and resource type. If the resource is NULL the loading failed. Otherwise the loaded resource is stored.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deResourceLoaderInfo()

deResourceLoaderInfo::deResourceLoaderInfo ( )

Create info object.

◆ ~deResourceLoaderInfo()

deResourceLoaderInfo::~deResourceLoaderInfo ( )

Clean up info object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetPath()

const decString& deResourceLoaderInfo::GetPath ( ) const


References SetPath().

◆ GetResource()

deFileResource* deResourceLoaderInfo::GetResource ( ) const

Resource or NULL if not ready yet.

References SetResource().

◆ GetResourceType()

deResourceLoader::eResourceTypes deResourceLoaderInfo::GetResourceType ( ) const

Resource type.

References SetResourceType().

◆ SetPath()

void deResourceLoaderInfo::SetPath ( const char *  path)

Set path.

Referenced by GetPath().

◆ SetResource()

void deResourceLoaderInfo::SetResource ( deFileResource resource)

Set resource or NULL if not ready yet.

Referenced by GetResource().

◆ SetResourceType()

void deResourceLoaderInfo::SetResourceType ( deResourceLoader::eResourceTypes  resourceType)

Set resource type.

Referenced by GetResourceType().

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