Drag[en]gine Game Engine  1.0
deSynthesizerSourceGroup Class Reference

Synthesizer group source. More...

#include <deSynthesizerSourceGroup.h>

Inheritance diagram for deSynthesizerSourceGroup:
deSynthesizerSource deObject

Public Types

enum  eApplicationTypes { eatAll, eatSelect, eatSolo }
 Application types. More...
- Public Types inherited from deSynthesizerSource
enum  eMixModes { emmBlend, emmAdd }
 Mixing modes. More...

Public Member Functions

int GetSourceCount () const
 Number of sources. More...
deSynthesizerSourceGetSourceAt (int index) const
 Source at index. More...
int IndexOfSource (deSynthesizerSource *source) const
 Index of source or -1 if absent. More...
bool HasSource (deSynthesizerSource *source) const
 Source is present. More...
void AddSource (deSynthesizerSource *source)
 Add source. More...
void RemoveSource (deSynthesizerSource *source)
 Remove source. More...
void RemoveAllSources ()
 Remove all sources. More...
eApplicationTypes GetApplicationType () const
 Source application type. More...
void SetApplicationType (eApplicationTypes type)
 Set source application type. More...
deSynthesizerControllerTargetGetTargetSelect ()
 Select target. More...
const deSynthesizerControllerTargetGetTargetSelect () const
virtual void Visit (deSynthesizerSourceVisitor &visitor)
 Visits the source. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from deSynthesizerSource
deSynthesizerGetSynthesizer () const
 Parent synthesizer. More...
void SetSynthesizer (deSynthesizer *synthesizer)
 Set parent synthesizer. More...
bool GetEnabled () const
 Source is enabled. More...
void SetEnabled (bool enabled)
 Set if source is enabled. More...
eMixModes GetMixMode () const
 Mixing mode. More...
void SetMixMode (eMixModes mode)
 Set mixing mode. More...
float GetBlendFactor () const
 Blend factor. More...
void SetBlendFactor (float factor)
 Set blend factor. More...
float GetMinVolume () const
 Volume minimum relative to speaker volume in the range from 0 to 1. More...
void SetMinVolume (float volume)
 Set minimum volume relative to speaker volume in the range from 0 to 1. More...
float GetMaxVolume () const
 Maximum volume relative to speaker volume in the range from 0 to 1. More...
void SetMaxVolume (float volume)
 Set maximum volume relative to speaker volume in the range from 0 to 1. More...
float GetMinPanning () const
 Minimum panning in the range from -1(left) to 1(right). More...
void SetMinPanning (float panning)
 Set minimum panning in the range from -1(left) to 1(right). More...
float GetMaxPanning () const
 Maximum panning in the range from -1(left) to 1(right). More...
void SetMaxPanning (float panning)
 Set maximum panning in the range from -1(left) to 1(right). More...
deSynthesizerControllerTargetGetTargetBlendFactor ()
 Blend factor target. More...
const deSynthesizerControllerTargetGetTargetBlendFactor () const
deSynthesizerControllerTargetGetTargetVolume ()
 Volume target. More...
const deSynthesizerControllerTargetGetTargetVolume () const
deSynthesizerControllerTargetGetTargetPanning ()
 Panning target. More...
const deSynthesizerControllerTargetGetTargetPanning () const
int GetEffectCount () const
 Number of effects. More...
deSynthesizerEffectGetEffectAt (int index) const
 Effect at index. More...
void AddEffect (deSynthesizerEffect *effect)
 Add effect. More...
void RemoveEffect (deSynthesizerEffect *effect)
 Remove effect. More...
void RemoveAllEffects ()
 Remove all effects. More...
 deSynthesizerSource ()
 Create synthesizer source. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from deObject
int GetRefCount () const
 Reference count. More...
void AddReference ()
 Add reference increasing reference count by 1. More...
void FreeReference ()
 Decrease reference count by one and delete object if count reaches 0. More...
 deObject ()
 Create object with reference count of 1. More...

Constructors and Destructors

 deSynthesizerSourceGroup ()
 Creates synthesizer source. More...
virtual ~deSynthesizerSourceGroup ()
 Cleans up the synthesizer source. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from deSynthesizerSource
virtual ~deSynthesizerSource ()
 Clean up synthesizer source. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from deObject
virtual ~deObject ()
 Clean up object. More...

Detailed Description

Synthesizer group source.

Pl├╝ss Roland

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ eApplicationTypes

Application types.


Output the mix of all sources in the group.


Use selection target to output blend between two selected sources. A target vlaue of 0 plays solo the first source in the group. A target value of 1 plays solo the last source in the group. Blends across all other sources in between in a linear way. To simulate blending over to the first source duplicate the first source also as last source.


Use selection target to output selected sources solo. Similar to eatSelect but does not blend between the two nearest sources but outputs only the nearest source. Source is chosen in a linear way.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ deSynthesizerSourceGroup()

deSynthesizerSourceGroup::deSynthesizerSourceGroup ( )

Creates synthesizer source.

◆ ~deSynthesizerSourceGroup()

virtual deSynthesizerSourceGroup::~deSynthesizerSourceGroup ( )

Cleans up the synthesizer source.

Subclasses should set their destructor protected too to avoid users accidently deleting a reference counted object through the object pointer. Only FreeReference() is allowed to delete the object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddSource()

void deSynthesizerSourceGroup::AddSource ( deSynthesizerSource source)

Add source.

◆ GetApplicationType()

eApplicationTypes deSynthesizerSourceGroup::GetApplicationType ( ) const

Source application type.

References SetApplicationType().

◆ GetSourceAt()

deSynthesizerSource* deSynthesizerSourceGroup::GetSourceAt ( int  index) const

Source at index.

◆ GetSourceCount()

int deSynthesizerSourceGroup::GetSourceCount ( ) const

Number of sources.

◆ GetTargetSelect() [1/2]

deSynthesizerControllerTarget& deSynthesizerSourceGroup::GetTargetSelect ( )

Select target.

◆ GetTargetSelect() [2/2]

const deSynthesizerControllerTarget& deSynthesizerSourceGroup::GetTargetSelect ( ) const

References Visit().

◆ HasSource()

bool deSynthesizerSourceGroup::HasSource ( deSynthesizerSource source) const

Source is present.

◆ IndexOfSource()

int deSynthesizerSourceGroup::IndexOfSource ( deSynthesizerSource source) const

Index of source or -1 if absent.

◆ RemoveAllSources()

void deSynthesizerSourceGroup::RemoveAllSources ( )

Remove all sources.

◆ RemoveSource()

void deSynthesizerSourceGroup::RemoveSource ( deSynthesizerSource source)

Remove source.

◆ SetApplicationType()

void deSynthesizerSourceGroup::SetApplicationType ( eApplicationTypes  type)

Set source application type.

Referenced by GetApplicationType().

◆ Visit()

virtual void deSynthesizerSourceGroup::Visit ( deSynthesizerSourceVisitor visitor)

Visits the source.

Reimplemented from deSynthesizerSource.

Referenced by GetTargetSelect().

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