Drag[en]gine Game Engine  1.0
deEnvMapProbe.h File Reference


class  deEnvMapProbe
 Environment Map Probe Resource. Environment map probes tell the Graphic Module about a good place for a local environment map probe. Environment map probes define a shape list of influence, a shape list of reflection border, an influence border size and an influence priority. The influence shape list defines the shape inside which this environment map probe is best used. The influence border size defines the distance in meters form the border of the influence shape list where the influence gradually fades. Inside this border the influence is at the maximum. If multiple environment map probes overlap with full influence the influence priority defines which environment map wins over the others. The environment map probe with the highest influence priorty receives the full influence. All others are blended accordingly. This allows to place smaller environment maps inside larger ones to refine the result in places where a more narrow sampling is useful without having to construct complex influence shape lists excluding each other properly.The reflection border shape list defines the shape where the reflection maps to. Typically this is a box and should line up with the reflected map geometry as well as possible. Avoid complex shape lists for the reflection border as this is usually better for Graphic Modules to handle. More...