Drag[en]gine Game Engine  1.0
deOcclusionMesh.h File Reference


class  deOcclusionMesh
 Occlusion Mesh. Defines an occlusion mesh used to help graphic modules to improve occlusion testing if supported. Occlusion meshes are optional but potentially improve performance. Occlusion meshes are similar to models in that they support bone weights but they do not support LOD nor textures or texture coordinate sets. Faces are classified in single sided and double sided. Single sided is useful to define occlusion only in the direction in front of a faces. In contrary to models an occlusion mesh face can have more than 3 corners as long as they are all coplanar and convex. corners are the vertices used in the faces and are stored as a continuous array of vertex indices. Each face defines the number of corners it contains in clockwise order. More...