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ADController Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void addToAnimator (Animator animator, int index)
void debug (Console console, int index)
bool getClamp ()
bool getFrozen ()
int getIndex ()
float getMaximum ()
float getMinimum ()
ADController new ()
void setClamp (bool clamp)
void setFrozen (bool frozen)
void setMaximum (float maximum)
void setMinimum (float minimum)

Detailed Description

Definition of an animator controller. Once defined a controller can be added to an animator using the stored definition.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addToAnimator()

void addToAnimator ( Animator  animator,
int  index 

Adds a controller to the animator using the stored definition.

◆ debug()

void debug ( Console  console,
int  index 

◆ getClamp()

bool getClamp ( )

Determines if the controller value is clamped.

◆ getFrozen()

bool getFrozen ( )

Determines if the controller is frozen.

◆ getIndex()

int getIndex ( )

Retrieves the index of the controller in the animator.

◆ getMaximum()

float getMaximum ( )

Retrieves the maximum value.

◆ getMinimum()

float getMinimum ( )

Retrieves the minimum value.

◆ new()

ADController new ( )

Creates a new animation controller definition.

◆ setClamp()

void setClamp ( bool  clamp)

Sets if the controller value is clamped.

◆ setFrozen()

void setFrozen ( bool  frozen)

Sets if the controller is frozen.

◆ setMaximum()

void setMaximum ( float  maximum)

Sets the maximum value.

◆ setMinimum()

void setMinimum ( float  minimum)

Sets the minimum value.

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