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ADRuleSubAnimator Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ADRuleSubAnimator:

Public Member Functions

AnimatorRule buildRule (Animator animator)
void debug (Console console)
int getConnectionAt (int index)
int getConnectionCount ()
bool getEnableOrientation ()
bool getEnablePosition ()
bool getEnableSize ()
Animator getSubAnimator ()
ADRuleSubAnimator new ()
void setConnectionAt (int target, int controller)
void setConnectionCount (int count)
void setEnableOrientation (bool enable)
void setEnablePosition (bool enable)
void setEnableSize (bool enable)
void setSubAnimator (Animator subAnimator)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ADRule
void addBone (String bone)
void addTargetLink (ADRuleTargetLink targetLink)
AnimatorRule buildRule (Animator animator)
void debug (Console console)
void forEachTarget (Block ablock)
 Visit targets with a block. More...
float getBlendFactor ()
int getBlendMode ()
String getBoneAt (int index)
bool getEnabled ()
String getName ()
ADRuleTargetLink getTargetLinkAt (int index)
int getTargetLinkCount ()
ADRule new ()
void setBlendFactor (float factor)
void setBlendMode (int mode)
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
void setName (String name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ADRule
String debugCommon (String type)

Detailed Description

Definition of a sub animator animator rule. Once defined a rule can be added to an animator using the stored definition.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ buildRule()

AnimatorRule buildRule ( Animator  animator)

Build engine animator rule using the stored definition.

◆ debug()

void debug ( Console  console)

◆ getConnectionAt()

int getConnectionAt ( int  index)

Retrieves a connection.

◆ getConnectionCount()

int getConnectionCount ( )

Retrieves the number of connections.

◆ getEnableOrientation()

bool getEnableOrientation ( )

Determines if the orientation manipulation is enabled.

◆ getEnablePosition()

bool getEnablePosition ( )

Determines if the position manipulation is enabled.

◆ getEnableSize()

bool getEnableSize ( )

Determines if the size manipulation is enabled.

◆ getSubAnimator()

Animator getSubAnimator ( )

Retrieves the sub animator definition.

◆ new()

Creates a new animation rule definition.

◆ setConnectionAt()

void setConnectionAt ( int  target,
int  controller 

Sets a connection.

◆ setConnectionCount()

void setConnectionCount ( int  count)

Sets the number of connections.

◆ setEnableOrientation()

void setEnableOrientation ( bool  enable)

Sets if the orientation manipulation is enabled.

◆ setEnablePosition()

void setEnablePosition ( bool  enable)

Sets if the position manipulation is enabled.

◆ setEnableSize()

void setEnableSize ( bool  enable)

Sets if the size manipulation is enabled.

◆ setSubAnimator()

void setSubAnimator ( Animator  subAnimator)

Sets the sub animator definition.

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