Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
AnimatorDefinition Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void addBone (String bone)
 Add bone. More...
void addController (ADController controller)
void addLink (ADLink link)
void addRule (ADRule rule)
void buildAnimator (Animator animator)
void debug (Console console)
Animation getAnimation ()
String getBoneAt (int index)
 Bone at index. More...
int getBoneCount ()
 Number of bones. More...
ADController getControllerAt (int position)
int getControllerCount ()
ADLink getLinkAt (int position)
int getLinkCount ()
String getPathFile ()
Rig getRig ()
ADRule getRuleAt (int position)
int getRuleCount ()
AnimatorDefinition new (String pathFile)
void setAnimation (Animation animation)
void setRig (Rig rig)

Detailed Description

Stores the definition of an animator. Once defined an animator can be updated using the stored definition easily. Avoids storing real animators as often multiple animator definitions have to be loaded at the beginning of a gaming session.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addBone()

void addBone ( String  bone)

Add bone.

◆ addController()

void addController ( ADController  controller)

Adds a controller.

◆ addLink()

void addLink ( ADLink  link)

Adds a link.

◆ addRule()

void addRule ( ADRule  rule)

Adds a rule.

◆ buildAnimator()

void buildAnimator ( Animator  animator)

Builds the animator using the stored definition.

◆ debug()

void debug ( Console  console)

◆ getAnimation()

Animation getAnimation ( )

Retrieves the animation.

◆ getBoneAt()

String getBoneAt ( int  index)

Bone at index.

◆ getBoneCount()

int getBoneCount ( )

Number of bones.

◆ getControllerAt()

ADController getControllerAt ( int  position)

Retrieves the controller at the given position.

◆ getControllerCount()

int getControllerCount ( )

Retrieves the number of controllers.

◆ getLinkAt()

ADLink getLinkAt ( int  position)

Retrieves the link at the given position.

◆ getLinkCount()

int getLinkCount ( )

Retrieves the number of links.

◆ getPathFile()

String getPathFile ( )

Retrieves the path the animator has been loaded from.

◆ getRig()

Rig getRig ( )

Retrieves the rig.

◆ getRuleAt()

ADRule getRuleAt ( int  position)

Retrieves the rule at the given position.

◆ getRuleCount()

int getRuleCount ( )

Retrieves the number of rules.

◆ new()

AnimatorDefinition new ( String  pathFile)

Creates a new animator definition.

◆ setAnimation()

void setAnimation ( Animation  animation)

Sets the animation.

◆ setRig()

void setRig ( Rig  rig)

Sets the rig.

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