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DynamicMusicTransition Class Reference

Dynamic music transition. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addSwitchOff (DynamicMusicSwitch switch)
 Add off switch. More...
void addSwitchOn (DynamicMusicSwitch switch)
 Add on switch. More...
bool areConditionsFulfilled ()
 Conditions are fulfilled. More...
String getPart ()
 Name of part to play if fulfilled or null to stop. More...
DynamicMusicSwitch getSwitchOffAt (int index)
 Get off switch at index. More...
int getSwitchOffCount ()
 Number of off switchs. More...
DynamicMusicSwitch getSwitchOnAt (int index)
 Get on switch at index. More...
int getSwitchOnCount ()
 Number of on switchs. More...
bool hasSwitchOff (DynamicMusicSwitch switch)
 Off switch is present. More...
bool hasSwitchOn (DynamicMusicSwitch switch)
 On switch is present. More...
DynamicMusicTransition new ()
 Create dynamic music transition with null part to stop playback. More...
DynamicMusicTransition new (String part)
 Create dynamic music transition. More...
void removeAllSwitchOffs ()
 Remove all off switchs. More...
void removeAllSwitchOns ()
 Remove all on switchs. More...
void removeSwitchOff (DynamicMusicSwitch switch)
 Remove off switch. More...
void removeSwitchOn (DynamicMusicSwitch switch)
 Remove on switch. More...

Detailed Description

Dynamic music transition.

Transition to another part or null to stop playback after the current part stops. Contains a list of switches to check. Transition is fulfilled if all switches have the desired state or no switches are present.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSwitchOff()

void addSwitchOff ( DynamicMusicSwitch  switch)

Add off switch.

◆ addSwitchOn()

void addSwitchOn ( DynamicMusicSwitch  switch)

Add on switch.

◆ areConditionsFulfilled()

bool areConditionsFulfilled ( )

Conditions are fulfilled.

◆ getPart()

String getPart ( )

Name of part to play if fulfilled or null to stop.

◆ getSwitchOffAt()

DynamicMusicSwitch getSwitchOffAt ( int  index)

Get off switch at index.

◆ getSwitchOffCount()

int getSwitchOffCount ( )

Number of off switchs.

◆ getSwitchOnAt()

DynamicMusicSwitch getSwitchOnAt ( int  index)

Get on switch at index.

◆ getSwitchOnCount()

int getSwitchOnCount ( )

Number of on switchs.

◆ hasSwitchOff()

bool hasSwitchOff ( DynamicMusicSwitch  switch)

Off switch is present.

◆ hasSwitchOn()

bool hasSwitchOn ( DynamicMusicSwitch  switch)

On switch is present.

◆ new() [1/2]

Create dynamic music transition with null part to stop playback.

◆ new() [2/2]

DynamicMusicTransition new ( String  part)

Create dynamic music transition.

◆ removeAllSwitchOffs()

void removeAllSwitchOffs ( )

Remove all off switchs.

◆ removeAllSwitchOns()

void removeAllSwitchOns ( )

Remove all on switchs.

◆ removeSwitchOff()

void removeSwitchOff ( DynamicMusicSwitch  switch)

Remove off switch.

◆ removeSwitchOn()

void removeSwitchOn ( DynamicMusicSwitch  switch)

Remove on switch.

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