Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
SDSourceGroup Class Reference

Definition of a group synthesizer source. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addSource (SDSource source)
 Add source. More...
void debug (Console console)
void forEachSource (Block ablock)
 Visit sources using a block. More...
int getApplicationType ()
 Application type. More...
SDSource getSourceAt (int index)
 Source at index. More...
int getSourceCount ()
 Number of sources. More...
SDSourceGroup new ()
 Create synthesizer source definition. More...
void removeAllSources ()
 Remove all sources. More...
void removeSource (SDSource source)
 Remove source. More...
void setApplicationType (int applicationType)
 Set application type. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SDSource
void addEffect (SDEffect effect)
 Add effect. More...
void addTargetLink (SDSourceTargetLink targetLink)
 Add target link. More...
void debug (Console console)
void forEachEffect (Block ablock)
 Visit effects using a block. More...
void forEachTarget (Block ablock)
 Visit targets with a block. More...
float getBlendFactor ()
 Blend factor. More...
SDEffect getEffectAt (int index)
 Effect at index. More...
int getEffectCount ()
 Number of effects. More...
float getMaxPanning ()
 Maximum panning. More...
float getMaxVolume ()
 Maximum volume. More...
float getMinPanning ()
 Minimum panning. More...
float getMinVolume ()
 Minimum volume. More...
int getMixMode ()
 Mix mode. More...
String getName ()
 Name of source. More...
SDSourceTargetLink getTargetLinkAt (int index)
 Target link at index. More...
int getTargetLinkCount ()
 Number of target links. More...
SDSource new ()
 Create synthesizer source definition. More...
void removeAllEffects ()
 Remove all effects. More...
void removeEffect (SDEffect effect)
 Remove effect. More...
void setBlendFactor (float factor)
 Set blend factor. More...
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
 Set if source is enabled. More...
void setMaxPanning (float panning)
 Set maximum panning. More...
void setMaxVolume (float volume)
 Set maximum volume. More...
void setMinPanning (float panning)
 Set minimum panning. More...
void setMinVolume (float volume)
 Set minimum volume. More...
void setMixMode (int mode)
 Set mix mode. More...
void setName (String name)
 Set name of source. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SDSource
String debugCommon (Console console, String type)

Detailed Description

Definition of a group synthesizer source.

Once defined a source can be added to an synthesizer using the stored definition.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSource()

void addSource ( SDSource  source)

Add source.

◆ debug()

void debug ( Console  console)

◆ forEachSource()

void forEachSource ( Block  ablock)

Visit sources using a block.

◆ getApplicationType()

int getApplicationType ( )

Application type.

◆ getSourceAt()

SDSource getSourceAt ( int  index)

Source at index.

◆ getSourceCount()

int getSourceCount ( )

Number of sources.

◆ new()

SDSourceGroup new ( )

Create synthesizer source definition.

◆ removeAllSources()

void removeAllSources ( )

Remove all sources.

◆ removeSource()

void removeSource ( SDSource  source)

Remove source.

◆ setApplicationType()

void setApplicationType ( int  applicationType)

Set application type.

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