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Voice.PhonemeChain Class Reference

Chain source. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addPhoneme (float selectValue, float timeBegin, float timeFadeIn, float timeFadeOut, float timeEnd, float volume)
 Add phoneme to curves. More...
CurveBezier getCurvePlay ()
 Play curve. More...
CurveBezier getCurveSelect ()
 Select curve. More...
CurveBezier getCurveVolume ()
 Volume curve. More...
PhonemeChain new ()
 Create Chain source. More...
void updateControllers (SynthesizerInstance synthesizer, int firstController)
 Update controllers with curves. More...

Detailed Description

Chain source.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addPhoneme()

void addPhoneme ( float  selectValue,
float  timeBegin,
float  timeFadeIn,
float  timeFadeOut,
float  timeEnd,
float  volume 

Add phoneme to curves.

selectValueController value from phoneme.
timeBeginTime relative to controller x axis where phoneme starts playing.
timeFadeInTime relative to controller x axis where phoneme is fully faded in.
timeFadeOutTime relative to controller x axis where phoneme starts fading out.
timeEndTime relative to controller x axis where phoneme stops playing.
volumeVolume to play phoneme at

◆ getCurvePlay()

CurveBezier getCurvePlay ( )

Play curve.

◆ getCurveSelect()

CurveBezier getCurveSelect ( )

Select curve.

◆ getCurveVolume()

CurveBezier getCurveVolume ( )

Volume curve.

◆ new()

PhonemeChain new ( )

Create Chain source.

◆ updateControllers()

void updateControllers ( SynthesizerInstance  synthesizer,
int  firstController 

Update controllers with curves.

Select curve is applied to firstController, Play state curve is applied to firstController + 1 and volume curve to firstController + 2.

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