Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
CameraDirector Class Reference

Directs camera and microphone required to render the game scene. More...

Inheritance diagram for CameraDirector:
ElementCameraDirector ConversationCameraDirector

Public Member Functions

void activate ()
 Director has been made the current one. More...
float getAdaptionTime ()
 Adaption time. More...
Camera getCamera ()
 Camera to modify. More...
float getExposure ()
 Exposure. More...
float getFOV ()
 Field of view. More...
float getHighestIntensity ()
 Highest intensity. More...
LayerMask getLayerMask ()
 Layer mask. More...
float getLowestIntensity ()
 Lowest intensity. More...
Microphone getMicrophone ()
 Microphone to modify. More...
float getViewDistance ()
 Camera view distance. More...
void initCameraParameters ()
 Init camera parameters. More...
CameraDirector new (Camera camera, Microphone microphone)
 Create camera director. More...
void setAdaptionTime (float adaptionTime)
 Set adaption time. More...
void setCamera (Camera camera)
 Set camera to modify. More...
void setExposure (float exposure)
 Set exposure. More...
void setFOV (float fov)
 Set field of view. More...
void setHighestIntensity (float highestIntensity)
 Set highest intensity. More...
void setLayerMask (LayerMask layerMask)
 Set layer mask. More...
void setLowestIntensity (float lowestIntensity)
 Set lowest intensity. More...
void setMicrophone (Microphone microphone)
 Set microphone to modify. More...
void setViewDistance (float distance)
 Set camera view distance. More...
void update (float elapsed)
 Update director. More...
void updateCamera (float elapsed)
 Update camera. More...
void updateMicrophone (float elapsed)
 Update microphone. More...

Public Attributes

final float FOV_FIRSTPERSON = 90.00
 Typical First Person FOV. More...
final float FOV_LONGTELE = 6.87
 Long Tele Camera FOV. More...
final float FOV_MEDIUMTELE = 10.29
 Medium Tele Camera FOV. More...
final float FOV_NORMAL = 39.60
 Normal Camera FOV. More...
final float FOV_SHORTTELE = 22.62
 Short Tele Camera FOV. More...
final float FOV_ULTRAWIDE = 83.97
 Ultra Wide Camera FOV. More...
final float FOV_WIDE = 65.47
 Wide Camera FOV. More...

Detailed Description

Directs camera and microphone required to render the game scene.

The default implementation sets the camera at the origin of the world and the microphone at the same place and orientation as the camera. Subclasses are responsible to set the camera in useful places.

Member Function Documentation

◆ activate()

void activate ( )

Director has been made the current one.

Useful for init camera parameters that do not change over time. Default implementation calls initCameraParameters.

◆ getAdaptionTime()

float getAdaptionTime ( )

Adaption time.

◆ getCamera()

Camera getCamera ( )

Camera to modify.

◆ getExposure()

float getExposure ( )


◆ getFOV()

float getFOV ( )

Field of view.

◆ getHighestIntensity()

float getHighestIntensity ( )

Highest intensity.

◆ getLayerMask()

LayerMask getLayerMask ( )

Layer mask.

◆ getLowestIntensity()

float getLowestIntensity ( )

Lowest intensity.

◆ getMicrophone()

Microphone getMicrophone ( )

Microphone to modify.

◆ getViewDistance()

float getViewDistance ( )

Camera view distance.

◆ initCameraParameters()

void initCameraParameters ( )

Init camera parameters.

◆ new()

CameraDirector new ( Camera  camera,
Microphone  microphone 

Create camera director.

◆ setAdaptionTime()

void setAdaptionTime ( float  adaptionTime)

Set adaption time.

◆ setCamera()

void setCamera ( Camera  camera)

Set camera to modify.

◆ setExposure()

void setExposure ( float  exposure)

Set exposure.

◆ setFOV()

void setFOV ( float  fov)

Set field of view.

◆ setHighestIntensity()

void setHighestIntensity ( float  highestIntensity)

Set highest intensity.

◆ setLayerMask()

void setLayerMask ( LayerMask  layerMask)

Set layer mask.

◆ setLowestIntensity()

void setLowestIntensity ( float  lowestIntensity)

Set lowest intensity.

◆ setMicrophone()

void setMicrophone ( Microphone  microphone)

Set microphone to modify.

◆ setViewDistance()

void setViewDistance ( float  distance)

Set camera view distance.

◆ update()

void update ( float  elapsed)

Update director.

Default implementation calls updateCamera and updateMicrophone.

◆ updateCamera()

void updateCamera ( float  elapsed)

Update camera.

◆ updateMicrophone()

void updateMicrophone ( float  elapsed)

Update microphone.

Member Data Documentation


final float FOV_FIRSTPERSON = 90.00

Typical First Person FOV.


final float FOV_LONGTELE = 6.87

Long Tele Camera FOV.


final float FOV_MEDIUMTELE = 10.29

Medium Tele Camera FOV.


final float FOV_NORMAL = 39.60

Normal Camera FOV.


final float FOV_SHORTTELE = 22.62

Short Tele Camera FOV.


final float FOV_ULTRAWIDE = 83.97

Ultra Wide Camera FOV.


final float FOV_WIDE = 65.47

Wide Camera FOV.

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