Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
BindingDevice Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BindingDevice:

Public Member Functions

void addAxisBinding (Binding binding)
void addButtonBinding (Binding binding)
bool equals (Object other)
Binding getAxisBinding (int axis)
Binding getButtonBinding (int button)
int getDevice ()
int hashCode ()
bool includesAxisBinding (int axis)
bool includesButtonBinding (int button)
BindingDevice new (int device)
void removeAllAxisBindings ()
void removeAllBindings ()
void removeAllButtonBindings ()
void removeAxisBinding (Binding binding)
void removeButtonBinding (Binding binding)

Public Attributes

Array pAxisBindings
Array pButtonBindings
int pDevice

Detailed Description

Stores the bindings for one particular device.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addAxisBinding()

void addAxisBinding ( Binding  binding)

Adds an Axis Binding.

◆ addButtonBinding()

void addButtonBinding ( Binding  binding)

Adds a Button Binding.

◆ equals()

bool equals ( Object  other)

Determines if the object is equal to some other.

◆ getAxisBinding()

Binding getAxisBinding ( int  axis)

Retrieves the axis binding for the given input axis or null if not found.

◆ getButtonBinding()

Binding getButtonBinding ( int  button)

Retrieves the binding for the given input button or null if not found.

◆ getDevice()

int getDevice ( )

Retrieves the Device number.

◆ hashCode()

int hashCode ( )

Retrieves the hash code of this binding device.

◆ includesAxisBinding()

bool includesAxisBinding ( int  axis)

Determines if an axis binding for the given input axis exists.

◆ includesButtonBinding()

bool includesButtonBinding ( int  button)

Determines if a Binding for the given Input Button exists.

◆ new()

BindingDevice new ( int  device)

Creates a new BindingDevice object.

◆ removeAllAxisBindings()

void removeAllAxisBindings ( )

Removes all axis bindings.

◆ removeAllBindings()

void removeAllBindings ( )

Removes all button and axis bindings.

◆ removeAllButtonBindings()

void removeAllButtonBindings ( )

Removes all button bindings.

◆ removeAxisBinding()

void removeAxisBinding ( Binding  binding)

Removes an Axis Binding.

◆ removeButtonBinding()

void removeButtonBinding ( Binding  binding)

Removes a Button Binding.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pAxisBindings

Array pAxisBindings

List of axis bindings

◆ pButtonBindings

Array pButtonBindings

List of button bindings

◆ pDevice

int pDevice

Number of the device

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