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ConsoleCommandList Class Reference

List of console commands. More...

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Public Member Functions

void add (ConsoleCommand command)
 Add console command. More...
void forEach (Block ablock)
 Visit commands with a block. More...
ConsoleCommand getAt (int index)
 Command at index. More...
int getCount ()
 Number of commands. More...
ConsoleCommand getNamed (String name)
 Named command or null if not found. More...
bool has (String name)
 Named command is present. More...
ConsoleCommandList new ()
 Create command list. More...
void remove (ConsoleCommand command)
 Remove console command. More...
void removeAllConsoleCommands ()
 Remove all commands. More...

Detailed Description

List of console commands.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

void add ( ConsoleCommand  command)

Add console command.

EInvalidParamCommand name is not valid.
EInvalidParamCommand with name is present.

◆ forEach()

void forEach ( Block  ablock)

Visit commands with a block.

◆ getAt()

ConsoleCommand getAt ( int  index)

Command at index.

EOutOfBOundaryindex is less than 0 or larger than or equal to getCount().

◆ getCount()

int getCount ( )

Number of commands.

◆ getNamed()

ConsoleCommand getNamed ( String  name)

Named command or null if not found.

◆ has()

bool has ( String  name)

Named command is present.

◆ new()

Create command list.

◆ remove()

void remove ( ConsoleCommand  command)

Remove console command.

EInvalidParamCommand with name is absent.

◆ removeAllConsoleCommands()

void removeAllConsoleCommands ( )

Remove all commands.

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