Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
CActionIfElseCase Class Reference

If-case for a if-else conversation action. More...

Inheritance diagram for CActionIfElseCase:

Public Member Functions

void addAction (ConversationAction action)
 Adds an action. More...
void dispose ()
 Dispose of action. More...
void forEachAction (Block aBlock)
 Visits all actions. More...
Array getActions ()
 Actions. More...
ConversationCondition getCondition ()
 Condition or null if not set. More...
ConversationActionIterator getIteratorActions ()
 Actions iterator. More...
CActionIfElseCase new ()
 Create conversation action. More...
void setCondition (ConversationCondition condition)
 Set condition or null if not set. More...
void writeToFile (PersistencyEnvironment env, FileWriter writer)
 Write object to file writer. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static CActionIfElseCase readFromFile (PersistencyEnvironment env, FileReader reader)
 Read from file. More...

Detailed Description

If-case for a if-else conversation action.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addAction()

void addAction ( ConversationAction  action)

Adds an action.

◆ dispose()

void dispose ( )

Dispose of action.

◆ forEachAction()

void forEachAction ( Block  aBlock)

Visits all actions.

◆ getActions()

Array getActions ( )


◆ getCondition()

ConversationCondition getCondition ( )

Condition or null if not set.

◆ getIteratorActions()

ConversationActionIterator getIteratorActions ( )

Actions iterator.

◆ new()

Create conversation action.

◆ readFromFile()

static CActionIfElseCase readFromFile ( PersistencyEnvironment  env,
FileReader  reader 

Read from file.

◆ setCondition()

void setCondition ( ConversationCondition  condition)

Set condition or null if not set.

◆ writeToFile()

void writeToFile ( PersistencyEnvironment  env,
FileWriter  writer 

Write object to file writer.

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