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CConditionVariable Class Reference

Conversation condition comparing conversation value. More...

Inheritance diagram for CConditionVariable:
ConversationCondition Persistable


enum  eCompareOperators
 Compare operators. More...
class  Factory
 Factory for loading actor actions. More...

Public Member Functions

bool evaluate (ConversationPlayback playback)
 Condition is true. More...
int getOperator ()
 Operator. More...
int getTestValue ()
 Test value. More...
String getVariable ()
 Name of variable. More...
CConditionVariable new ()
 Create conversation condition. More...
CConditionVariable new (PersistencyEnvironment env, FileReader reader)
 Read from file. More...
String persistencyFactoryName ()
 Name of PersistencyFactory required to load object from file. More...
void setOperator (int operator)
 Set operator. More...
void setTestValue (int value)
 Set test value. More...
void setVariable (String variable)
 Set name of variable. More...
void writeObjectToFile (PersistencyEnvironment env, FileWriter writer)
 Write object to file writer. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConversationCondition
bool evaluate (ConversationPlayback playback)
 Evaluate condition. More...
ConversationCondition new ()
 Create conversation condition. More...

Detailed Description

Conversation condition comparing conversation value.

The default is EQUAL as operator and 0 as test value. If no variable with the given name exists the value 0 is used as the value of the variable.

Member Function Documentation

◆ evaluate()

bool evaluate ( ConversationPlayback  playback)

Condition is true.

◆ getOperator()

int getOperator ( )


◆ getTestValue()

int getTestValue ( )

Test value.

◆ getVariable()

String getVariable ( )

Name of variable.

◆ new() [1/2]

Create conversation condition.

◆ new() [2/2]

Read from file.

◆ persistencyFactoryName()

String persistencyFactoryName ( )

Name of PersistencyFactory required to load object from file.

Name of PersistencyFactory is first written to the file as string with 8-bit length. Then writeToFile() is called to write the object itself. Empty name is not allowed as is names longer than 255 characters. Name has to match a PersistencyFactory present in the Persistency instance used for loading objects. Object is read using PersistencyFactory.readObjectFromFile() of the matching PersistencyFactory.

Implements Persistable.

◆ setOperator()

void setOperator ( int  operator)

Set operator.

◆ setTestValue()

void setTestValue ( int  value)

Set test value.

◆ setVariable()

void setVariable ( String  variable)

Set name of variable.

◆ writeObjectToFile()

void writeObjectToFile ( PersistencyEnvironment  env,
FileWriter  writer 

Write object to file writer.

Implements Persistable.

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