Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
Conversation Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void addCameraShot (ConversationCameraShot cameraShot)
void addFacePose (ConversationFacePose facePose)
void addGesture (ConversationGesture gesture)
void addLookAt (ConversationLookAt lookAt)
void addTarget (ConversationTarget target)
void addTopicGroup (ConversationTopicGroup group)
void dispose ()
ConversationTopic findTopic (StringID groupID, StringID topicID)
void forEachCameraShot (Block aBlock)
void forEachFacePose (Block aBlock)
void forEachGesture (Block aBlock)
void forEachLookAt (Block aBlock)
void forEachTarget (Block aBlock)
void forEachTopicGroup (Block aBlock)
ConversationCameraShot getCameraShotNamed (StringID name)
ConversationFacePose getFacePoseNamed (StringID name)
ConversationGesture getGestureNamed (StringID name)
ConversationLookAt getLookAtNamed (StringID name)
String getPathFile ()
ConversationTarget getTargetNamed (StringID name)
ConversationTopicGroup getTopicGroupWithID (StringID id)
Conversation new (String pathFile)

Detailed Description

Conversation script.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCameraShot()

void addCameraShot ( ConversationCameraShot  cameraShot)

Adds a camera shot.

◆ addFacePose()

void addFacePose ( ConversationFacePose  facePose)

Adds a face pose.

◆ addGesture()

void addGesture ( ConversationGesture  gesture)

Adds a gesture.

◆ addLookAt()

void addLookAt ( ConversationLookAt  lookAt)

Adds a look-at.

◆ addTarget()

void addTarget ( ConversationTarget  target)

Adds a target.

◆ addTopicGroup()

void addTopicGroup ( ConversationTopicGroup  group)

Adds a topic group.

◆ dispose()

void dispose ( )

Dispose of the conversation.

◆ findTopic()

ConversationTopic findTopic ( StringID  groupID,
StringID  topicID 

Finds a topic. Looks first in this conversation. If not found looks in the base conversation if assigned. If the topic can not be found null is returned.

◆ forEachCameraShot()

void forEachCameraShot ( Block  aBlock)

Visit all camera shots.

◆ forEachFacePose()

void forEachFacePose ( Block  aBlock)

Visit all face poses.

◆ forEachGesture()

void forEachGesture ( Block  aBlock)

Visit all gestures.

◆ forEachLookAt()

void forEachLookAt ( Block  aBlock)

Visit all look-ats.

◆ forEachTarget()

void forEachTarget ( Block  aBlock)

Visit all targets.

◆ forEachTopicGroup()

void forEachTopicGroup ( Block  aBlock)

Visit all topic groups.

◆ getCameraShotNamed()

ConversationCameraShot getCameraShotNamed ( StringID  name)

Retrieves the named camera shot or null if not found.

◆ getFacePoseNamed()

ConversationFacePose getFacePoseNamed ( StringID  name)

Retrieves the named face pose or null if not found.

◆ getGestureNamed()

ConversationGesture getGestureNamed ( StringID  name)

Retrieves the named gesture or null if not found.

◆ getLookAtNamed()

ConversationLookAt getLookAtNamed ( StringID  name)

Retrieves the named look-at or null if not found.

◆ getPathFile()

String getPathFile ( )

Retrieves the path the conversation has been loaded from.

◆ getTargetNamed()

ConversationTarget getTargetNamed ( StringID  name)

Retrieves the named target or null if not found.

◆ getTopicGroupWithID()

ConversationTopicGroup getTopicGroupWithID ( StringID  id)

Retrieves the topic group with the given ID or null if not found.

◆ new()

Conversation new ( String  pathFile)

Create a new conversation.

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