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ConversationFacePosePlayback.FacePose Class Reference

Face pose. More...

Inheritance diagram for ConversationFacePosePlayback.FacePose:

Public Member Functions

Array getControllers ()
 Array of FacePoseController. More...
ConversationStrip getStrip ()
 Strip. More...
FacePose new (Array controllers, ConversationStrip strip)
 Create face pose. More...
void writeToFile (FileWriter writer)
 Write to file. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Array readControllersFromFile (FileReader reader)
 Read controllers from file. More...
static FacePose readFromFile (FileReader reader)
 Read from file. More...
static void writeControllersToFile (FileWriter writer, Array controllers)
 Write controllers to file. More...

Detailed Description

Face pose.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getControllers()

Array getControllers ( )

Array of FacePoseController.

◆ getStrip()

ConversationStrip getStrip ( )


◆ new()

FacePose new ( Array  controllers,
ConversationStrip  strip 

Create face pose.

◆ readControllersFromFile()

static Array readControllersFromFile ( FileReader  reader)

Read controllers from file.

◆ readFromFile()

static FacePose readFromFile ( FileReader  reader)

Read from file.

◆ writeControllersToFile()

static void writeControllersToFile ( FileWriter  writer,
Array  controllers 

Write controllers to file.

◆ writeToFile()

void writeToFile ( FileWriter  writer)

Write to file.

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