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ConversationGesturePlayback.Gesture Class Reference

Gesture. More...

Inheritance diagram for ConversationGesturePlayback.Gesture:

Public Member Functions

Animator getAnimator ()
 Animator. More...
StringID getAnimatorID ()
 Animator ID. More...
String getAnimatorPath ()
 Path to animator. More...
bool getHold ()
 Hold gesture. More...
ConversationStrip getStrip ()
 Strip. More...
Gesture new (StringID animatorID, bool hold, ConversationStrip strip)
 Create gesture. More...
void setAnimator (Animator animator, String animatorPath)
 Animator. More...
void setHold (bool hold)
 Set if gesture is held. More...
void writeToFile (PersistencyEnvironment env, FileWriter writer)
 Write to file. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Gesture readFromFile (PersistencyEnvironment env, FileReader reader)
 Read from file. More...

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAnimator()

Animator getAnimator ( )


◆ getAnimatorID()

StringID getAnimatorID ( )

Animator ID.

◆ getAnimatorPath()

String getAnimatorPath ( )

Path to animator.

◆ getHold()

bool getHold ( )

Hold gesture.

◆ getStrip()

ConversationStrip getStrip ( )


◆ new()

Gesture new ( StringID  animatorID,
bool  hold,
ConversationStrip  strip 

Create gesture.

◆ readFromFile()

static Gesture readFromFile ( PersistencyEnvironment  env,
FileReader  reader 

Read from file.

◆ setAnimator()

void setAnimator ( Animator  animator,
String  animatorPath 


◆ setHold()

void setHold ( bool  hold)

Set if gesture is held.

◆ writeToFile()

void writeToFile ( PersistencyEnvironment  env,
FileWriter  writer 

Write to file.

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