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ConversationPlayerChoice Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

ConversationActionIterator getActionIterator ()
ConversationPlayback getPlayback ()
int getValue ()
String getVariable ()
ConversationPlayerChoice new (ConversationPlayback playback, ConversationActionIterator actionIterator, String variable, int value)
void onAction (ActionEvent event)

Detailed Description

Action for a player choice window entry setting the next conversation actions to run.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ getActionIterator()

ConversationActionIterator getActionIterator ( )

Retrieves the action iterator or null if not set.

◆ getPlayback()

ConversationPlayback getPlayback ( )

Retrieves the conversation playback.

◆ getValue()

int getValue ( )

Retrieves the value to set the variable to.

◆ getVariable()

String getVariable ( )

Retrieves the name of variable to set with the selected option or null if not used.

◆ new()

ConversationPlayerChoice new ( ConversationPlayback  playback,
ConversationActionIterator  actionIterator,
String  variable,
int  value 

Creates a new conversation player choice option.

◆ onAction()

void onAction ( ActionEvent  event)

Notification that an action has occured.

Implements ActionListener.

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