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ConversationTagResolver Class Reference

Resolve tags in actor speak action text. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addRule (String name, ConversationTagResolverRule rule)
 Add rule. More...
int getRuleCount ()
 Number of rules. More...
ConversationTagResolverRule getRuleNamed (String name)
 Rule matching name or null if absent. More...
bool hasRuleNamed (String name)
 has rule matching name. More...
ConversationTagResolver new ()
 Create conversation tag resolver. More...
StyledTextDefinition resolveTags (String text, STDStyle style)
 Resolve tags in text producing styled text. More...

Detailed Description

Resolve tags in actor speak action text.

Tags in actor speak allow to alter the text box content dynamically while creating the sub title text widget. Supports tags of the form {action[:params]} with optional parameters after action. The special tag {{ prints a single { character. Output is a StyledTextDefinition.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addRule()

void addRule ( String  name,
ConversationTagResolverRule  rule 

Add rule.

◆ getRuleCount()

int getRuleCount ( )

Number of rules.

◆ getRuleNamed()

ConversationTagResolverRule getRuleNamed ( String  name)

Rule matching name or null if absent.

◆ hasRuleNamed()

bool hasRuleNamed ( String  name)

has rule matching name.

◆ new()

Create conversation tag resolver.

◆ resolveTags()

StyledTextDefinition resolveTags ( String  text,
STDStyle  style 

Resolve tags in text producing styled text.

textUTF-8 text to resolve tags in.
styleDefault text style.

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