Drag[en]gine Script Module DragonScript Script API  1.0
ConversationTopic Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ConversationTopic:

Public Member Functions

void addAction (ConversationAction action)
void dispose ()
void forEachAction (Block aBlock)
StringID getID ()
ConversationActionIterator getIteratorActions ()
ConversationTopic new (StringID id)

Detailed Description

A topic in a conversation script.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ addAction()

void addAction ( ConversationAction  action)

Adds an action.

◆ dispose()

void dispose ( )

Dispose of the action.

◆ forEachAction()

void forEachAction ( Block  aBlock)

Visits all actions.

◆ getID()

StringID getID ( )

Retrieves the id.

◆ getIteratorActions()

ConversationActionIterator getIteratorActions ( )

Retrieves iterator for actions.

◆ new()

Create a new conversation topic.

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