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DefaultBorder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

BorderSize getBorderSize ()
Canvas getCanvas ()
CanvasView getCanvasView ()
Widget getWidget ()
void layoutContainer ()
DefaultBorder new ()
void onGuiThemeChanged ()
void onWidgetChanged ()
void onWidgetParametersChanged ()
void resizeCanvas ()
void setWidget (Widget widget)
void updateCanvas ()

Detailed Description

Default border implementation drawing nothing at all.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBorderSize()

BorderSize getBorderSize ( )

Border size.

Implements Border.

◆ getCanvas()

Canvas getCanvas ( )

Canvas to render this border.

Implements Border.

◆ getCanvasView()

CanvasView getCanvasView ( )

Canvas to render this border.

◆ getWidget()

Widget getWidget ( )

Widget the border is assigned to or null if there is none.

Implements Border.

◆ layoutContainer()

void layoutContainer ( )

Layout widget parent container. Call if parameters of the border changed in a way the border size is affected.

◆ new()

DefaultBorder new ( )

Creates a new border.

◆ onGuiThemeChanged()

void onGuiThemeChanged ( )

Gui theme of the widget changed.

Implements Border.

◆ onWidgetChanged()

void onWidgetChanged ( )

Widget changed.

◆ onWidgetParametersChanged()

void onWidgetParametersChanged ( )

Widget parameters changed.

Implements Border.

◆ resizeCanvas()

void resizeCanvas ( )

Resize canvas to fit widget if widget is set.

Implements Border.

◆ setWidget()

void setWidget ( Widget  widget)

Set widget the border is assigned to or null if there is none.

Implements Border.

◆ updateCanvas()

void updateCanvas ( )

Update canvas. Overwrite to create canvas content.

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