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TitledTwoColorBorder Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TitledTwoColorBorder:
TwoColorBorder DefaultBorder Border TitledEtchedBorder

Public Member Functions

Font getFont ()
Color getFontColor ()
String getText ()
Point getTextSize ()
TitledTwoColorBorder new ()
TitledTwoColorBorder new (String text)
void setText (String text)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TwoColorBorder
Color getColorHilight ()
Color getColorShadow ()
bool getRaised ()
TwoColorBorder new ()
TwoColorBorder new (Color colorHilight, Color colorShadow)
TwoColorBorder new (bool raised)
TwoColorBorder new (bool raised, Color colorHilight, Color colorShadow)
void setColorHilight (Color color)
void setColorShadow (Color color)
void setRaised (bool raised)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DefaultBorder
BorderSize getBorderSize ()
Canvas getCanvas ()
CanvasView getCanvasView ()
Widget getWidget ()
void layoutContainer ()
DefaultBorder new ()
void onGuiThemeChanged ()
void onWidgetChanged ()
void onWidgetParametersChanged ()
void resizeCanvas ()
void setWidget (Widget widget)
void updateCanvas ()

Detailed Description

Base class for titled borders drawn using a hilight and a shadow color which can be raised or lowered.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ getFont()

Font getFont ( )


◆ getFontColor()

Color getFontColor ( )

Font color.

◆ getText()

String getText ( )

Retrieves the text.

◆ getTextSize()

Point getTextSize ( )

Text size.

◆ new() [1/2]

Creates a new titled border.

◆ new() [2/2]

TitledTwoColorBorder new ( String  text)

Creates a new titled border.

◆ setText()

void setText ( String  text)

Sets the text.

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