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DecorationFactories Class Reference

List of decoration factories for use with automatic gui theme creation. More...

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Public Member Functions

void add (String name, DecorationFactory factory)
 Add factory. More...
void addDefaultFactories ()
 Add default factories. More...
DecorationFactory getNamed (String name)
 Named factory or null if not found. More...
DecorationFactories new ()
 Create decoration factories. More...
void remove (String name)
 Remove factory if present. More...
void removeAll ()
 Remove all factories. More...

Detailed Description

List of decoration factories for use with automatic gui theme creation.

The factories in this list server as blue prints for factories to be used by automatic gui themes and must not be changed. For this reason call DecorationFactory.copyFactory() on received factories to create a new factory of the matching type and with appropriate configuration for modifying and using.

Roland Pl├╝ss

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

void add ( String  name,
DecorationFactory  factory 

Add factory.

◆ addDefaultFactories()

void addDefaultFactories ( )

Add default factories.

◆ getNamed()

DecorationFactory getNamed ( String  name)

Named factory or null if not found.

◆ new()

Create decoration factories.

◆ remove()

void remove ( String  name)

Remove factory if present.

◆ removeAll()

void removeAll ( )

Remove all factories.

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